Mastercard, Doconomy and the (((World Economic Forum))) Introduce “Carbon Footprint” Restrictive Credit Cards
29 March 2022
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Are you excited for the near future of a Chinese social credit system? I sure am.

Mastercard has partnered up with Doconomy on behest of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations by unveiling a new form of credit card that measures the environmental impact or “carbon footprint” of each and every purchase.

What this basically means is that with each purchase monitoring carbon footprints, there is undoubtedly a preset “level” for a carbon max in which case you as a consumer will either be penalized or simply that along with your credit card being denied outright once reaching your “carbon max” allocation.

The future is now.

“Together with Doconomy we can engage consumers, retailers and businesses in the fight against climate change. This collaboration is an important part of our focus on sustainability, and this innovative solution offers people a simple way to take responsibility for their carbon footprint, based on what they consume,” commented Mark Barnett, Divisional President of Mastercard UK, Ireland, Nordic and Baltics.

Mastercard makes the claim that a carbon footprint is not the foundation of a social credit scoring system more rather it claims that they will be able to “engage” consumers, retailers and businesses in the fight against “climate change”.

Under the pretext of sustainability it certainly looks as if this is just the beginning of a social credit system considering how card holders themselves personally vow to be held responsible for their spending habits.

What Mastercard and Doconomy suggest what they are doing is “educating” its users on climate awareness and the impact of consumption.

The World Economic Forum praised Doconomy. “While many of us are aware that we need to reduce
our carbon footprint, advice on doing so can seem nebulous and keeping a tab is difficult. DO monitors
and cuts off spending, when we hit our carbon max,” the World Economic Forum wrote on the
Doconomy CO2 monitoring website.

Doconomy and Mastercard themselves have stated that such a dramatic initiative will set a global standard for carbon emissions on everyday purchases, while the “Everyday Climate Action” credit card may be voluntary for now, eventually the goal here is to obviously force this climate action bullshit among the rest of the populous.

Seeing as how banks can now seemingly freeze your assets, YOUR money, out on a whim simply because your cucked Maple Land state deems you a domestic terrorist for nationalistic honking. Mastercard, Doconomy are all working together with the likes of the (((U.N))) and the (((WEF))) in reshaping society to their dystopic image.

We’ve been through this shit with the bullshit “Coronavirus” where our own rights were simply walked all over and denied, the actions we do everyday are slowly but surely being more and more controlled by global elitist kikes, it’s not enough that media, education, banking and our governments are ZOG’d.

The amount of goyim controlled by the narrative that the media presents is simply staggering, and it’s these useful idiots who will serve as the “revolutionist” retards to “go green” with this carbon monitoring social system, and will simply be disposed of once they are no longer useful as everyone is demanded to take the pledge of climate awareness.

(Special thanks to Internet Explorer user “WittyUserName” for bringing this kike propaganda to my attention.)

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