Marvel’s Tigra And Dazzler Creator Chelsea Handler Blames White Women For Trump’s Election
23 February 2022
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Trump Derangement Syndrome is a serious disease affecting a large portion of media-consuming Americans and some Canadians. They have this distorted belief that President Trump is the cause of all life’s ills, and that only through Left-wing indoctrination and the forfeiture of facts and objective reality can we restore balance to the galaxy. One such individual suffering from this debilitating condition is none other than the shark-in-mud, faux-comedian Chelsea Handler, who is also working on an upcoming animated show for Marvel called Tigra & Dazzler.

Bounding Into Comics recapped the situation by pointing out that at the twilight of 2019 on December 30th, Handler tweeted out the following…

This comes after Handler admitted to having a “midlife crisis” after Trump was elected President, as reported by Bounding Into Comics back in April of 2019.

YouTuber TheQuartering also did a compilation clip at the start of his video featuring Handler expressing anti-white sentiments as a self-hating Lefty.

Now most Centrists™ will cook up an excuse and claim that just because Chelsea Handler is a raging sufferer of TDS doesn’t mean that Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler animated show will be filled with politics.

Au contraire.

It was reported by Deadline that Tigra & Dazzler would be a “Progressive” show.

Deadline explained…

“Ex-Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler shifts over to Hulu for Marvel’s Tigra & Dazzler Show, which she will EP and write with Erica Rivinoja. Like every one of the new series, Loeb will also serve as an EP on the show of the politically progressive Tigra and Dazzler as they try to get their superpowered heads, hands and hearts around life in the City of Angels.”

When speaking with about the show, Erica Rivinoja and Chelsea Handler gave a stock but propaganda-inclined reply stating…

“We are so excited to be the token lady show in this lineup! And we’re so thrilled to finally bring the world the cat lady and roller skating pop star show that they’ve been begging for.”

The show is scheduled to air on Hulu, and if the show’s creators politics are anything to go by, it won’t be long after it airs that it ends up on the Get Woke, Go Broke Master List… unless, of course, Hulu decides to pull a Netflix and keep it around like a limp-legged dog just to show how “Progressive” they are, similar to how Netflix keeps She-Ra and the Princesses of Power around just to show how “Progressive” they are.

Then again, after Marvel fired Erica Rivionja and the entire writing team behind Tigra & Dazzler, as reported by HN Entertainment, the show might end up going broke before it has a chance to show the world how woke it really is.

(Thanks for the news tip Shadow Dancer)

NOTE: This article has been republished to honor the journalistic integrity and previous work of William Usher (Billy D) formally of oneangrygamer. The purpose of this is to archive and honor the dedicated efforts of one of the last few people who stood up against the tyranny of faggots and Grabblers within this field. This is not my work, but it has been bestowed upon me to both preserve and promote the work of Billy D.

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