Marvelous Europe Holocausts Senran Kagura (Plus Others) With New Website
24 August 2022
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Titty Ninjas no more?

Marvelous Entertainment has been a company on the decline and rightfully so, given how the company was a major patron for the censor loving tyrant known as Sony.

Marvelous had their hands forced and ultimately destroyed the Senran Kagura franchise due to Sony’s interjection resulting in Senran Kagura’s creator and producer, Kenichiro Takaki to leave Marvelous Entertainment entirely.

Following the demise of the Senran Kagura franchise, Marvelous Entertainment have made it quite clear they don’t really seem to give a shit about their actual customers, most notably with the release of Kandagawa Jet Girls a couple years for PlayStation which of course contained censorship galore.

But more recently however would probably be the utter broken and garbage localized version of Rune Factory 5 which seems to be the main marketed title for Marvelous Entertainment.

Which comes as no surprise as the European branch of Marvelous are effectively scrubbing the Senran Kagura franchise among others, from its history with the launch of their newly designed website.

The current Marvelous games website has absolutely no mention of anything to do with Senran Kagura, Fate/stay or even the infamous Kandagawa Jet Girls, they’re simply no longer visible on the frontend or even when searched on the appropriate “games” page.

Whereas before the redesign, you could easily view the various titles published by Marvelous including Senran Kagura, Fate/stay, Kandagawa Jet Girls, AKIBA’S TRIP and even Dead or School.

A lot of these aforementioned games have seemingly been scrubbed as Marvelous introduce their shoddy redesigned website which focuses on being “modern” rather than practical as seen above.

The Senran Kagura franchise has always been a huge deal, with nearly a dozen individual game titles selling possibly the most amount of copies for Marvelous, for many people the Senran Kagura franchise is the very reason as to why they even know of Marvelous Entertainment’s existence.

For them to seemingly either “forget” or attempt to scrub itself clean of suggestive titles such as Senran Kagura to appeal more towards faggot consumers who don’t particularly play the sorts of titles published by Marvelous is outrageous.

Marvelous has been the sort of company to avoid for several years already, and by the looks of it that certainly isn’t going to change anytime soon, sad to see yet another Japanese company fall to such lows with cancerous localization and sensitivity pandering.

At least this will encourage individuals to set sail towards the high seas.

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