Martha is Dead’s Gruesome Gore Censored on PlayStation
14 February 2022
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Sony is notorious for censoring games featured on its console platform, with the company seemingly having a rage boner against “boner culture” in general, with Sony demanding outrageous censorship of primarily Japanese games that feature lewd or scandalous content to the point where if you actually wanted to play such games on a console without censorship the only choice is a Nintendo Switch.

Sony actually goes on record to be clamping down on eastern sexual content, because of course gay mocap sex scenes featured in The Lesbians of Us Part 2 is acceptable, with an old report citing that Sony would be expanding its woke sensibilities to gore and dismemberment in games on its consoles.

While Sony continued to censor Japanese games for the sake of protecting the children we didn’t see much in the way of them doing anything to censor games that contained gore-ific content…. that was until Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! launched on the PlayStation 4.

While not technically Japanese, Doki Doki Literature Club obviously still falls in line with the general “anime” aesthetic without general faggotry making it a prime target for Sony to sperg out on.

And sperg out Sony did, with them forcing developers, Team Salvato to edit particular scenes that contained “gore” in the sense of such a small amount of blood from a knife wound, Team Salvato obliged Sony’s request to change the aforementioned scene by changing the color of the blood to black while adding a static effect to the scene because blood in a MATURE rated game is just not acceptable.

Nearly a year has gone by and Sony has yet to actually put the trigger against such “senseless gore” as featured in Doki Doki Literature Club until now at least where Sony is actually demanding a western developer to tone it down a notch for all the sensitive niggers who own a PlayStation.

Wired Productions, a UK based studio and developers of horror title “Martha is Dead” released a statement regarding unplanned modifications that need to be made for the game for audiences on PlayStation consoles, the fact that Wired Productions states that the changes were unplanned would undoubtedly suggest that Sony once again has interjected the developers right before release.

Sony have done such a thing numerous times before actually, with their most notable example of enforced butchering of a game right as it was about to hit the market was with the Senran Kagura franchise, sending their then upcoming game “7EVEN” into developmental hell resulting in longtime producer, Kenichiro Takaki to leave Marvelous.

While the PC and XBOX release of Martha is Dead wont be changed it still begs to question what exactly has disturbed the Commiefornian faggots of SIE?

Martha is Dead is a horror title, and like all video games of such a franchise generally you’ll be greeted with scenes containing jump scares or gore in general, it’s a shame how pacified the gayming industry has become in recent years.

One of many scenes have probably upset Sony officials is probably one where you’re cutting and ripping the face off a laden corpse, in the demo video above skip to the 13:45 minute marker and you’ll see what I’m on about.

Obviously, an abundance of console niggers have jumped on to defend Soyny’s retarded “ethical” censorship decisions on Twitter.


I’m sure there’s probably a particular scene from horror games that remain in your mind to this day, with one of the most notorious examples being the “eye-opening” experience of Dead Space 2, though it seems if such a scene were to be present in a MODERN video gayme then it would seem that Sony would take issue with it.

While two-faced Soyny deems it entirely appropriate to feature senseless gore in gaymes such as Call of Duty and TLOU2 where it’s perfectly normal to bash ones face in with a golf club or kill pregnant women and dogs.

Thankfully the team at Naughty Dog got their priorities straight in the sense that players couldn’t dream of desecrating a synagogue during the apocalypse.

Sony fangays have been on the backfoot of late since Microsoft had announced its acquisition of Activision Blizzard as Soyny hilariously attempted to undermine XBOX with the shallow purchase of Bungie for $3.6 Billion dollars being burnt in the process.

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