Little Witch Nobeta Swimsuit Skin “Pending Review” on Nintendo Switch
30 September 2022
Censorship Little Witch Nobeta Nintendo Switch


Little Witch Nobeta has finally released, time for us all to rejoice, right? Well it would seem the celebrations have been cut prematurely short as it would certainly seem that Nintendo are finally taking action against the lewd / mature titles that have been flooding on the platform.

Little Witch Nobeta is a game that has been on my radar for well over a year at this point, mainly because of its developers no-nonnsense attitude towards lewdities and fanart and their refusal to censor and or cater towards puritan faggots of any kind.

I admire that.

Being objectively incorrect one way to describe Little Witch Nobeta would be to call it “Dark Souls but with a Loli”, but the 3D action title is more of a puzzle game than anything reminiscent of Dark Souls, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyways, the game itself has been in early access for god knows how long, with occasional updates, content drops and additional cutesy cosmetic updates to keep players interested, but now the game has officially released, and it’s these cutesy outfit downloadable content packages where the game finds itself in a spot of bother.

Previously, just a couple weeks ago, Nintendo were toying over a mundane erotic shovelware title dubbed Hot Tentacles Shooter whether or not it would be acceptable to release on the Nintendo Switch, obviously as an effort to combat the rampant adult titles that have been flooding in to the world’s most popular gaming console of the last couple generations.

While simultaneously withholding Hot Tentacles Shooter from sale, Nintendo did allow other shovelware garbage from the very same publisher such as Winged Cloud’s Sakura franchise from having more installments released on the system, this in my eyes would essentially mean that Nintendo are taking Valve’s approach to stalling and or potentially banning titles from release by seaming throwing darts at a board blindly, unless the game is found to be Kosher by design.

The developers of Little Witch Nobeta recently held a contest of sorts, for individuals to vote upon which of several costume outfits would make it into the game, with the winning design being given out to all players of the game for absolutely free when the game eventually launched properly, the winning costume happened to be a swimsuit.

However, upon the games release just mere days ago, tragedy struck. The swimsuit had been given out to all players, no issues there, except for those who happened to wish to enjoy a nice summers day of dungeon crawling on the Nintendo Switch, they never got their free consume.

A tweet from the EN Little Witch Nobeta account explained the details in an apology.

The Nobeta developers have said that the updated content specifically is still under review by Nintendo with an undisclosed date expected for its release, that being if it actually goes through at all (which it most likely will), but not before the calendar ticks over until October I’m afraid.

This really begs to questions whether or not Nintendo are clamping down on sexualized games on its system, because they seem to be doing just that having allowed 18+ shovelware garbage but more recently clamping down on titles such as Duel Princess which is far from being called “shovelware”.

Little Witch Nobeta is nothing like that either, in actual fact considering the wholehearted attitudes of its developers, and now that the game has finally released they’re more than likely going to get a cancerous mob of cancel culture on their tail simply because of their careless nature refusing to arbitrarily censor their game.

Obviously what happens to this content update for the Nintendo Switch will say a lot about their future intentions for games on its system, I for one am hopeful that such restrictions / review board processes generally exile the benign western smut looking to make a quick buck, such as Hot Tentacles Shooter, but not at the cost of removing genuine titles such as Little Witch Nobeta which is most certainly worthy of a gander, and perhaps even your shekels.

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