Limited Run Games Fires Community Manager for Following Libs of TikTok on Twitter
8 January 2023
Brony Furry Limited Run Games Purple Tinker

The video game industry is by far the most popular it has ever been before as our niche has been used and abused by Grabblerish influence and turned into a mass marketing giant, the games of today are dreadful piles of unapologetic shit and yet seemingly produce greater profits than ever before.

So naturally as the clown show goes, corporate entities that delve into the video game industry will do just about everything they possibly can to not get onto the shitlist of consumers by being viewed as “transphobic”, “fudge packerphobic” and most certainly anti-semitic.

When it comes down to this, companies will gladly throw away potential profits and sales to appease raging trannies and faggots, of whom are now the new protected class, the very same women who fought for tranny rights now find themselves amidst a war as the troons plague their online hook-up platforms because they are of course “women”.

Whereas before Grabblers were advocating for women’s rights, now it seems that women’s rights means absolutely nothing when faced up against transgenders, which is fucking hysterical.

Limited Run Games is an American based video game distributor, not a development firm or publisher, Limited Run Games specializes in as their name might suggest, they specialize in releasing limited run copies of physical variants of mostly digital games, which is certainly a business that would otherwise be deserving of a sale given how physical media has raped us dry.

However after their recent fiasco, I hardly doubt individuals aware of pattern recognition would ever want to to business with Limited Run Games moving forward.

A single individual seemingly led an assault against Limited Run Games’ own community manager, who happens to be a woman, slandering her as being a transphobic bigot because she committed the worst crime imaginable.

Following controversial figures on Twitter.

Purple Tinker, now since deleted his profile because of fucking course the spineless faggot would, led a one troon lynch mob against the community manager as being a transphobic biggot for following individuals such as Ian Miles Cheong alongside the infamous Liberals of Tik Tok Twitter account.

Apparently the reasoning behind this sudden assault was because Kara said she was looking forward to the upcoming Harry Potter video game, a young woman looking forward to a video game about one of the world’s largest franchises popularized by women?

Say it ain’t so, but did you know that the creator of Harry Potter is a transphobic bigot? How dare she be excited for a video game based on a series popular with women, doesn’t she understand that the troons don’t approve of Harry Potter anymore?!

Oh and of course you just know this deranged tranny stalker her profile for any sort of incriminating tweets.

The enraged tranny on a mission bartered with Limited Run Games by demanding her termination as they had been a frequent customer with a supposed large pending order with the company, and the natural course of action for modern companies is to kneel, comply and be complicit to the demands of the deranged troons.

She was fired.

And in usual fashion, the crazed individual digging up someone else’s history doesn’t have such a clean reputation themselves, Purple Tinker, the soul conspirer leading to an employees termination, is apparently a massive “Brony”.

So much so that it had actually founded the BronyCon convention to share its own degeneracy with likeminded faggots, and possibly children too.

Fur faggotry of any kind is immensely degenerate, particular with “bronies” of whom are infatuated with the My Little Pony franchise, majority of these individuals are bonified sexual deviants and child rapists.

Purple Tinker’s history turned out to be a notorious one, where it apparently had a grudge match with another Brony, awakening them to the reality of being apart of a crazed degenerate fandom, Purple Tinker had threatened others, spammed them with furry rape porn amongst other things.

This is the actual reason why Purple Tinker deleted its Twitter account, the sheer hypocrisy of demented faggots is truly astounding to witness, they sure don’t like it when people give them a taste of their own medicine, only in the case of Limited Run Games’ now FORMER community manager, she didn’t actually deserve any of this.

Nothing’s going to be done now however, what’s done is done, Limited Run Games now cements themselves as being a corporate who bends the knees to deranged pedophiles who doxx others, as they willingly give a female employee the sack.

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