Leaked Intel Roadmap shows Z390, i9-9900K Q3 2018 – X299 Refresh Basin Falls
31 July 2018
Basin Falls Intel Intel X299 Intel Z390 X299 Z390

Chinese website XFASTEST have reported on numerous leaked slides from Intel featuring upcoming CPU plans for both mainstream and HEDT.

Intel X299 Refresh Basin Falls in 2019

Intel is planning to release a refreshed lineup for the X299 platform called Basin Falls (into the basin with Intel’s innovations) and according to the leaked roadmap are looking for a complete product refresh from top to bottom set to arrive in the fourth quarter of this year with options up to 22 cores.

This is most likely a quick response to the imminent threat of Threadripper 2 which is launching very soon.

According to the roadmap Intel is planning to support Basin Falls and most likely the X299 platform as a whole up until the second quarter of next year, with the arrival of Cascade Lake-X featuring a whopping 28 cores and 56 threads arriving on whole new platform. Perhaps I’d be more excited for this refresh if wasn’t launching on a soon to be obsolete platform.

Intel 9th Gen Launching in Q3 2018

Among these slides showcases Intel’s upcoming 9th generation processors with plans to launch within the third quarter of this year. Giving us not very long before we can all rush to stores and swap out our very own 8700K and 8086K’s. The slides also confirm that even the budget oriented B310 motherboards will support the entire lineup including the 8-core i9-9900K. A massive change of events coming from Kaby Lake to Coffeelake. LGA 1151 V2? I’m not buying it.


Intel Z390 Chipset Leaked

The slides also showcase that the “Z390” chipset is indeed real and will arrive within Q2′ 2019. The chipset itself will be built on Intel’s current 14nm process rather than 22nm found in current generation Z370 motherboards.


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