Leaked European Pricing for Intel 12th Gen “Alder Lake” Processors Shows Never-ending Milking – 8-core i9-12900K Costs More Than Ryzen 9 5950X
3 September 2021
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Are you excited for Intel’s upcoming 12th generation processors? Well I’m not, but that’s besides the point. I know that avid Intel fangays eagerly await for their glorious blue turds to once again maintain a peak competitive advantage over AMD’s Ryzen processors and especially after the flop that was Rocket Lake all eyes turn to Alder Lake instead.

(I’m still waiting for that Rocket Lake microcode patch)


Though I don’t understand what’s there to be hyped about really, it too will come with a maximum of eight cores with a further eight ATOM cores being slapped on which will no doubt be abused to death by Intel’s marketing.

We’ve already seen with Rocket Lake that synthetical IPC advantages mean absolute jack shit when in actual gaming performance it performs worse than generation old Skylake processors which minus heat and power consumption are a much better deal than even Zen 3 processors in today’s market.

However we’ve got ourselves a glimpse for the European pricing for Intel’s 12th Gen processors curtesy of momomo_us on twitter and it’s certainly an embarrassment to say the least.

Alder Lake’s design is very unique as it is a big.LITTLE design meaning Intel have crammed a total of 8 real cores and 8 worthless Atom cores underneath to what was supposed to aid in “efficiency” given that such a design is clearly designed for the mobile market rather than the MSDT.

Anyways, that “efficiency” sure went well given that Alder Lake processors will consume even more power than prior 10th and 11th Generation Core processors.

So, pricing then. The top of the range i9-12900K will come with a 8+8 configuration for a total of “16 cores” and 24 threads, naturally because it says 16-cores Intel thinks it can get away pricing it as such, as the 12900K shows pricing anywhere from €540-613 EUR without VAT and €653-741 EUR with VAT.

Such barbaric pricing absolutely leapfrogs the older 10th generation Skylake processors which offers a maximum of ten genuine cores and provides the best gaming performance that Intel provides, compared to Rocket Lake however…. not only is Alder Lake hot and hungry but it’s even more expensive as the 8-core i9-11900K which typically sold for a ridiculous €470-549 EURO.

Of course you can save a couple shekels by going for the 12900KF with a disabled iGPU but I mean really, €519-582 EUR excluding VAT isn’t all that much better if we’re being honest. Especially when including the VAT prices for the i9-12900KF surge from €628-709 EURO, so you save a few shekels big deal.

By comparison even the i9-12900KF with its disabled iGPU still ends up costing more than an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, imagine that…. your bullshit octa-core processor with eight additional Atom cores costs more than the competition’s true 16-core processor with 32 threads.

To make matters worse we all know that the Ryzen 9 5950X is vastly superior in regards to power consumption and sheer heat output that Intel’s Alder Lake will produce and we haven’t even begun to talk about platform costs.

Because not only does Intel’s 8+8 scam cost more than a Ryzen 9 5950X but we must include the additional costs of switching to Alder Lake and its upcoming new platform which costs of yet another new socket so a brand new motherboard which have been increasing in prices since this whole planned-emic only adds to the expenses that Intel’s 12th generation processors require.

But we must also include the purchase of brand new DDR5 memory which given that it’s entirely new prices of those have already been seen to be laughably absurd too, and their actual performance has yet to be seen as current DDR5 kits have dogshit memory timings for their given speeds, and given that Alder Lake consumes more power than previous generation processors you might also need to supplement that shit with an extravagant cooler to maintain its farce of a turbo boost frequency.

So the i9-12900KF costs more than a Ryzen 9 5950X on the everlasting socket AM4, how does the rest of Intel Alder Lake fare in terms of pricing?

Shit. With the i7-12700K which supposedly offers 8 big cores and only 4 little cores for a maximum total of “12-cores” and 20 threads as that’s typically priced at €394-433 excluding VAT and €476-524 including VAT.

By comparison this is more expensive than the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X which actually offers 12 real cores without guzzling watts like it’s going out of style, it’s much more expensive than the likes of a i9-10900K or heaven forbid a i9-10850K which come with 10-cores and prove to be more effective in games than even Rocket Lake. If there ever was a choice to be made I’d rather take the 10th gen processors over a 12700K any day, at least I wouldn’t get anally ravaged with platform costs going with Skylake (or Ryzen).

Now finally we have the i5-12600K which is said to come with 6 cores plus 4 more Atom cores for a cumulative total of “10 cores” and 16 threads. This Core i5-12600K is believed to cost anywhere from €287-302 EUR minus VAT and €347-366 EUR which basically means that your mainstream i5 processor is now within the $400 price bracket, well done Intel.

Because these “cheaper” unlocked processors are going to be outweighed by additional platform costs so they’re entirely written off for actual budget gamers looking to make the switch.

Why fucking bother with this 6-core trash when you’d be hard-pressed to find a previous generation i7-10700K with eight real cores and 16 threads for more than €290 EURO. At those prices even a Ryzen 7 5800X also with 8 cores and 16 threads demolishes the Core i5 Alder Lake.

Granted that inside sources tell me that Intel have hired a professional overclocker to make Alder Lake look as good as it possible can just says it all really about how desperate the blue giant has become in light of AMD’s massive success following the release of the Ryzen 5000 series.

It almost makes me feel sorry for Intel fanboys, they’ve been through the whole charade of massive increases to mundane mobile optimized synthetics such as Geekbench or perhaps the latest version of Cinebench where Intel shows massive generational uplifts and yet that didn’t really translate well into gaming performance now did it?

We’ve already seen glimpses at Alder Lake absolutely smashing charts on Geekbench… with half the cores and Atom cores taped to it? If anyone honestly believes such bullshit I cannot wait for Alder Lake to grace us on launch as yet another Rocket Lake implosion is imminent.

Now I very well could eat my own words, however the only ones eating anything at the moment are any potential consoomers willing to fork over $400 for a Core i5, $600 for a Core i7 and almost $900 for the same 8-core with the Core i9, and yet this all goes without the hundreds of dollars extra spent on a new motherboard, memory and possibly cooling as well.

Intel may have been shacking up with Microsoft to work on the Windows scheduler on Windows 11 to accommodate and properly allocate the shitty Atom cores effectively though I’m hard pressed to believe that they will provide anything substantial for gaming applications especially over that of superior 12/16-core offerings that are actually more affordable than Alder Lake.

However it’s bullshit like this that GrabblerTubers like RedGaymingTech would have you believe that Intel is once again competitive with rampant dicksucking videos such as the one you see below.

These kinds of folks generally keep sucking corpo-dick otherwise Intel may stop sending him free t-shirts and other gayming swag, the i9-12900K is an embarrassment for its pricing, it costs more than a 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X minus additional platform costs.

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