Kanye West Buys (((Parler))) Proving That Even Billionaire Niggers Are Bad With Money
18 October 2022
Kanye West Parler

Niggers, statistically speaking they make up roughly 12% of America’s population and yet commit over 60% of crime, however the real crime happens to be those few niggers who’ve reached fame and fortune as they’ve been paraded around Jewish controlled forms of media entertainment such as Sports, Acting or the Musical Industry.

Kanye West is one of those few niggers who’ve built a massive fortune feeding out of the hands of Jewish masters producing (c)rap music, there’s no denying that the man has produced several hit songs, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Kanye West is a billionaire.

However, Kanye has found himself in a spot of bother recently as he decided to bite the (((hands))) that have fed his extensive career, eluding to Jews being behind cancel culture, which they are, and stating that he was going “def con 3 on Jewish people”.

Kanye has already become another victim of filthy kikes kvetching trying to clamp down on the “theory” that they control everything by exposing themselves as they shut down Kanye who apparently had his Chase Bank account shoah’d, however reports following the whole ordeal state that his account being shut down had nothing to do with his recent string of tweets, as Chase Bank cut ties with the nigger weeks before Kanye came back into the spotlight following his divorce with coal burner (((Kim K))).

What better way to “own the Jews” who’ve silenced him for speaking out against the chosenites than for Kanye to burn an obscene amount of money purchasing one of those false “free speech” social platforms orchestrated as controlled opposition by Jews.

I am of course talking about Parler, Kanye West has made an agreement to purchase the failing alt-social platform for an undisclosed amount, but I am sure the figure probably lands in the hundreds of million mark.


Parler has always been another controlled platform garnering audiences as being the “free speech” alternative to Twitter, but of course the goyim are too stupid to look behind the facade with random ass platforms such as Parler seemingly coming into existence just a couple of years ago and suddenly becoming immensely popular.

Despite of course censoring people for naming Jews, deleting accounts for mocking (((Donald Trump))), the “free speech” platform came under fire for not expressively censoring individuals who are against child exploitation and mass faggotry, with Parler having previously been removed from Apple’s and Google’s respective app stores quite some time ago.

Parler today manages 983,000 cuckservative users who are active on a monthly basis, but of course with all of this newfound attention focusing on Kanye West and his “anti-semitism”, with him having purchased the Jewish social platform a lot of simple minded spastics will be quick to jump on the newfound “based” platform that requires your mobile number to create an account.

A lot of attention is bound to come Parler’s way, a lot of accounts will certainly be created much in the way how retards think Elon Musk purchasing Twitter automatically means they’ll be able to name the Jew, that’s not the case, Parler only became available to download on mobile app stores recently providing they’d take more action when it comes to censoring “problematic” individuals, those who believe Kanye will completely turn Parler around as being the true platform of freedom of speech are certainly retarded.

At least for the time being you’re far better off using (((GAB))) as your social platform of choice.

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