KADOKAWA Wastes Money Acquiring Propagandist Platform (((Anime News Network)))
3 November 2022
Anime News Network ANN KADOKAWA Rise of The Shield Hero

KADOKAWA has gone off the deep end once again it would seem, while we already know the Japanese tyrant has already bent the knee to Jewish globalization with the aim of self-censoring manga and eventually anime so as to appeal to a more wide and diverse global audience.

KADOKAWA’s chairman, Tsuguhiko Kadokawa recently resigned following his arrest on charges of bribery regarding the Tokyo Olympic Games.

Pushing those aside, KADOKAWA has now done the unthinkable, burning an unknown amount of cash to buy out Anime News Network, which for those who don’t particularly know is one of the largest “news” platforms for anime, manga and the like perpetuated by liberal faggots who despise anime and manga.

Anime News Network is a hotbed of propaganda, with editor, Mike Toole proclaiming those who didn’t jump on the cancel culture bandwagon against Vic Mignogna for being Nazis.

Anime News Network are subversive rats that plague the very genre on which they are based upon, doing everything they possibly can to create controversy for despicable reasons.

Supporting woke dub / sub translations and demonizing “problematic” anime / manga series’ such as Goblin Slayer and more infamously The Rise of The Shield Hero because depictions of rape or fake rape accusations are indeed problematic for the sodomite stazi.

Unironically, both of which are properties published by KADOKAWA.

Anime News Network seemingly wants nothing to do with properties that don’t portray female characters as innocent goddesses, they actively demonize anything and everything that targets a white male audience.

The Helpful Fox Senko-san, a great series well worthy of a look if you haven’t already watched it, but according to the faithful’s at Anime News Network they actively demonized the series dubbing it “baby waifu shit”.

The Helpful Fox Senko-san is also another KADOKAWA property.

Jacob Chapman, former associate editor for Anime News Network went on a tirade on social media criticizing Darling in the FranXX as being “right-wing propaganda”.

At least on this particular time, Anime News Network weren’t actively shitting on a KADOKAWA franchise, but even still it’s bizarre for KADOKAWA to actually purchase Anime News Network for an undisclosed amount.

Anime News Network is fronted by a bunch of liberal faggots who simply just hate anime and manga, everything needs to be woke, everything aught to be inclusive, and most certainly should anime in no way shape or form depict women as being vile scumbags, such as Rise of The Shield Hero or Redo of Healer.

Or even the sexualization of female characters as well, such as seen from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid where ANN faggots took to heart the implications of young fictional drawings being sexualized children, or simply hating the Nekopara anime because the cat girls are “slaves”.

While Anime News Network may have just been acquired by KADOKAWA, who obviously are getting much more progressive, there’s a hopeful silver lining to this otherwise worthless acquisition of an entity that actively despise their own products, and that of course is to essentially destroy it.

Because this purchase is about as bad as Sony purchasing Cruchyroll, If KADOKAWA executives had any braincells remaining after kneeling before ZOG they’d essentially strip ANN to the barebones, remove the rouge writers and start anew utilizing Anime News Network to promote the progressively woke franchises underneath the KADOKAWA label.

No more defamation? One can only hope, KADOKAWA has plans to go global and Anime News Network is nothing more than Tumblr for anime tourists, to hijack mainstream media outlets for self promotion is essential for them in garnering a larger audience worldwide as anime continues to become (((mainstream))).

While the outcome may undoubtedly be shitty Jewish garbage, I for one am all for ANN getting killed off in the process.

Or perhaps not, as self-righteous faggots feel the need to rub salt in the wounds at the mere thought of losing their position, at least for now anyways. Boldly proclaiming that Anime News Network will still retain its woke authenticity of anti-anime hatred.


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