Grabblerropean Retailers Already Price Gouging NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Graphics Cards Before Launch
16 February 2021

If you weren’t already unexcited to buy NVIDIA’s entry-level GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card you probably wouldn’t bother now.

We all know this by now but the slated MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) for NVIDIA of late has been a rather loose term, considering that the company have been capitalizing upon cryptocurrency miners of which NVIDIA can merely sell to them directly increasing their pockets from this higher margin of sale.

It has been rumored that NVIDIA have been charging outrageous prices for their graphics chips to AIB partners from the very beginning, of course with the increasing demand from both gamers and miners and dwindling supply it’s a surprise to absolutely nobody that once the initial Founder’s Edition pre-orders go out of stock.

These AIB partners would then charge you an arm and a leg for their aftermarket variants of RTX 3000 graphics cards.

I’m sure you’re well aware of the RTX 3060 at this point, an entry-level product yet is probably more capable when it comes to mining Ethereum (ETH) than even an RTX 2080 Super, who knows why NVIDIA decided to give such a weak product 12GB of VRAM because it sure as hell wasn’t due to the cries of consumers who’ve been laid to waste in 8GB and 10GB filth in the forms of the RTX 3060Ti, 3070 and 3080.

For those unaware the GeForce RTX 3060 for one thing is supposed to have the laughable MSRP of just $329 USD/EUR which is a vast uplift when comparing the MSRP we had of a product of this caliber just a few short years ago, with the GTX 1060 having an MSRP of $249 USD, just don’t go blaming the vast price increase with every new NVIDIA generation on “inflation”.

The performance was lackluster, having only been shown across virtually every single “RTX” supported title to date with DLSS also enabled at the glorious resolution of 1080P. When it came to the only two games where we could conduct actual raster based performance (heresy!) the RTX 3060 was only 11.56% faster than the RTX 2060 however with DLSS vaseline and RTX enabled the average shoots up to 25.42%

The 3060 offers 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM which gives it the second largest capacity of VRAM in the whole RTX Ampere lineup, second to none behind the RTX 3090 no less, it comes with just 3584 (1792) CUDA cores of which the desktop variant actually offers LESS cores than its mobile version which instead has 3840 (1920) CUDA cores.

With the supposed launch of the GeForce RTX 3060 coming next week on February 25th it comes as no surprise as we’ve already seen an abundance of them being sold before launch in Iran which to my discovery has been an absolute haven for cryptocurrency mining (who fucking knew) as the country has been dealing with power outages caused the vast amount of mining farms.

These Pakistani merchants under the pseudonym (((ZAH Computers))) acquired a literal fuck ton of GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards and were selling them two weeks before launch for the low price of $750 USD.

And I’m sure as hell that some quaint little shop in a shitty little country so absorbed when it comes to crypto mining wouldn’t have possibly gotten the supply in a sort of deal with NVIDIA or another third party to sell the units at a vast price hike.

This was merely a warning of what was to come.

As it seems that European retailers have also joined in on the price gouging, even though the launch of the RTX 3060 hasn’t actually happened yet as Danish retailer ProShop which mainly deals across the various Nordic countries held back by Grabblerrope already has various listings of the GeForce RTX 3060 up on their store.

Now I’m sure you’ve been made aware if you happen to live in the shithole that is Europe that the VAT rates have since gone back up at the beginning of the year, from which we already saw NVIDIA swiftly raise its prices of all RTX 3000 Founder’s Edition graphics cards for those regions only.

VAT increases and NVIDIA’s Yiddler tactics aside shit like that simply cannot explain the vast price hikes as listed on Proshop. With the GeForce RTX 3060 being listed starting at just 499 EURO for the MSI Ventus twin-fan model.

Comparing that to the supposed MSRP of the GeForce RTX 3060 was meant to be just 329 Euro this is a huge markup. From what little launch stock there just so happens to be worldwide at least the initial few are actually sold for a respectable price at MSRP or somewhere around that figure, however in the case of Proshop they have marked the price of the RTX 3060 up by 51.67%.

That is fucking COLD when converted to USD that’d make the price at over $600, but it just keeps getting worse the higher quality aftermarket card you’re after.

The ASUS DUAL also happens to be listed for just 499 EUR while the MSI VENTUS 3X sports a further 20 euro on its price tag coming in at an astounding 519 EUR, a markup of 57.75%.

Now I completely understand the whole trope where the high-end exotic aftermarket models tend to cost around $50 to around $100 more than a base model however in this case we see the MSI Gaming X (dual-fan) being listed for 599 EUR. That’s a whole 100 euro extra over a mere Ventus 2X and ASUS Dual and happens to bump the price hike up to 82%.

And then we have the ASUS TUF coming at at just 10 euro more than the MSI Gaming X at 609 EUR or $740 USD when converted… for a fucking entry-level graphics card? Only kinds of people that’ll be buying trash like this at those prices are the elite when it comes to being a braindead NVIDIA sheep with more money than brains and crypto miners.

Actual consumers wouldn’t dare buy such garbage at these outrageous prices.

But then finally we have the MSI Gaming X TRIO coming in at 649 EUR which is a 97.26% markup over the originally slated MSRP. Well fucking done to you Proshop, well done indeed because that is $789 USD right there on a mere RTX 3060.

But that isn’t the only shop that’s decided to give their customers a nice meat sausage up inside them because another European retailer, this time PCDIGA apparently had a couple listings for Zotac GeForce RTX 3060 graphics cards originally at set prices of 490 EUR and 599 EUR but have since increased those very same products to 689 EUR and 699 EUR alongside adding an additional card to the fold for a “much cheaper” 629 EUR.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse it does, with PCDIGA increasing from the already ludicrous prices set by ProShop to 699 EUR at its peak which is equal to that of $850 USD.

Now I completely understand that electronics and appliances are generally more expensive over in Europe than in let’s say America but this bullshit absurd pricing has nothing to do with taxes or tariffs of any kind, this is purely down to the fact that there is such low supply for ANY product in this field at the moment that both AIB partners have already begun raising their own prices for their products on top of the retailer who buys these things in bloody bulk, well he wants a slice of the pie too now doesn’t he?

At least European gamers will soon have the chance to buy brand-new GTX 1050Ti’s for over 200 EUR very soon!

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