Israel Inside, Insecurities Outside – Intel Suffers Catastrophic Internal Data Leak – IME (Intel Mossad Engine) Backdoor, 14++ GB Worth Of Documents And IPs
8 August 2020
Breach Data Intel Israel Security Vulnerability

Intel just can’t seem to catch a break, what with their future looking bleak with further “unforeseen” delays of more advanced in house processing nodes.

Sinking ships are known to have a couple leaks here and there, especially when regarding Intel processors but I don’t think the world’s worst chip manufacturer ever foreseen leaks of this proportion.

Intel have suffered a serious data leakage of ~20GB worth of IP documents and other confidential data either under NDA or a close secret, but not anymore it seems.

This data breach occurred earlier in the year and it’s good to know that Intel’s arrogance from the CPU market has transcended into management as the internal safeguard password was reportedly “intel123”

So if one should encounter a rar file with a password in the download we’ve provided one should use “Intel123” or “intel123” to gain access.

Clever thinking from brilliant minds at the Intel Corporation.

You can download the ZIP files via Google Drive here.

Here’s a copy-pasta summary of just some of the contents inside:

  • Intel ME Bringup guides + (flash) tooling + samples for various platforms
  • Kabylake (Purley Platform) BIOS Reference Code and Sample Code + Initialization code (some of it as exported git repos with full history)
  • Intel CEFDK (Consumer Electronics Firmware Development Kit (Bootloader stuff)) SOURCES
  • Silicon / FSP source code packages for various platforms
  • Various Intel Development and Debugging Tools
  • Simics Simulation for Rocket Lake S and potentially other platforms
  • Various roadmaps and other documents
  • Binaries for Camera drivers Intel made for SpaceX
  • Schematics, Docs, Tools + Firmware for the unreleased Tiger Lake platform
  • (very horrible) Kabylake FDK training videos
  • Intel Trace Hub + decoder files for various Intel ME versions
  • Elkhart Lake Silicon Reference and Platform Sample Code
  • Some Verilog stuff for various Xeon Platforms, unsure what it is exactly
  • Debug BIOS/TXE builds for various Platforms
  • Bootguard SDK (encrypted zip)
  • Intel Snowridge / Snowfish Process Simulator ADK
  • Various schematics
  • Intel Marketing Material Templates (InDesign)
  • Lots of other things

One of the more interesting topics that Deletescape mentions is that one should prioritize their search for “backdoor”.

Perhaps some good of this will come at a later date once Intel’s Management Engine or as I prefer to call it the Mossad Engine will finally come to light as being the Israeli backdoor it was always speculated to be.

Intel have provided statements claiming the leaked information comes primarily from their Resource & Design Center.

“We are investigating this situation. The information appears to come from the Intel Resource and Design Center, which hosts information for use by our customers, partners and other external parties who have registered for access. We believe an individual with access downloaded and shared this data.”

Deletescape, or rather Kottmann claims that the repository was scraped using a python script forcing passwords, the repository along with source were provided to Kottmann.

I certainly have no sympathy for Intel’s latest blunder, and nobody else should either.

With so many fatal flaws and security holes on Intel processors it’s bound something of this scale would happen with this potentially being one of the biggest security breaches, perhaps if they were running AMD systems their files could’ve been secure.

In fact I can guarantee majority of consoomers are celebrating over this victory, with the kind of reputation Intel has one can’t help but laugh as the ship sinks with haste.

But I’m sure someone’s bound to get fired with further scrambling and damage control among their employees.

We have to shut it down.

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