Introducing the NATSOC MEGA FLAG PACK for Marvel’s Spider-Man
20 August 2022
Game Mod Marvel's Spider-Man pc

Are you sick and tired of faggots having more rights than the common man?

Over the past week I’ve read so much bullshit regarding the PC release for Marvel’s Spider-Man and the endless controversy that surrounding it simply because of a single mod that removes the in-game pride flags, changing them to the American stars and stripes.

The mod in question has gone over about as well as expected, the Streisand effect working absolute wonders with every major Jewish publication condemning the mod, the author and promoting mod sites such as GameBanana, NexusMods and surprisingly Moddb who’ve all come to the same conclusion of being woke and removing such mods from their platform.

The removal of such a harmless mod, only brings more attention from it, particularly from myself and those who support this website.

Leaving us with only one solution, a final solution if you will, to make and release our own little mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

It has taken a couple days of painstaking extraction, editing and conversion but we’ve finally managed to produce something wonderful.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400″]

I enjoy attention as anyone else would, I would be lying if I said otherwise, to not capitalize upon such a fire would be a complete waste, considering the uproar of individuals who demonize the thought of replacing the fag flag, this mod serves the purpose of pissing off the individuals responsible for this.

The “NATSOC MEGA PACK” includes 10 different kinds of flags to choose from, to replace the in-game fag flag and the American flag for added authenticity, creating an all white society barring the flags of national socialist liberty.

While additionally, we’ve gone through and replaced every singe flag that’s featured at the in-game United Nations landmark which we’ve gone ahead and rightfully called the United (WHITE) Nations.

Installation is relatively simple, that of course being if you’re gay enough to have pirated Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC in the first place, just like any other mod it requires the PC modding tool.

It’s a relatively simple yet tedious process, running the mod tool you’re then prompted to mount the program to the installed game’s asset directory, after a while of extracting the contents you can then move onward to the “Mod Manager” tab where you can add elements of the NATSOC MEGA PACK and install them with ease.

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