Intel Rebrands Their Stock Cooler – Same Shit Design Gets A New Paint Job
27 May 2020
10th Generation Core i5 Core i7 Core i9 Intel Stock Cooler

It seems Intel not only are capable of rebranding their Skylake processors but have decided to dip their toes in rebranding their age old garbage stock cooler with the recently released 10th generation of Intel Core processors.

Back In Black

Yes, Intel has finally thrown the world a bone by simply painting their turd of a stock cooler black in possibly the most breathtaking act of innovation this century.

With an all black racially-inclusive design that is much better than the previous Blue and Aluminium look which left an unpleasant taste in my mouth.


Blue as a colour represents calmness, cool and composure. Three words that do not define the Intel Corporation. This new black design now has the perfect colour scheme to match as they rob consumers blind.

Here’s The Real Kicker

What actually makes me sad the most with this “new” cooler design is how the only revolutionary aspect of it compared to the same shit Intel have been producing for over a decade is how they finally sleeved the wiring of the fan.

These new coolers only come packaged with the 65W non-K processors and the 35W T-series processors. Which is apparently justified because gullible goys dumb enough to spend shekels on an unlocked processor would have enough stashed away for third party solutions that don’t suck massive cock. This however is complete and utter horseshit because nobody for that matter would trust the Intel stock cooler with dissipating the heat of even a Raspberry Pi.

Israeli Inside simply won’t spare anything more than $2 of shit scrap to produce actual quality bundled coolers unlike AMD’s superb lineup of Wraith coolers packaged with many Ryzen processors.



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