Intel increases delay of 10nm process to late 2019
28 July 2018
Intel Intel 10nm Intel 10nm delayed

Intel representatives revealed details about the status and plans of Intel’s 10-nanometer process during a recent earnings call for their second quarter financials.

Intel have announced that their 10nm process has been delayed until late 2019, with plans to launch desktop processors followed by enterprise products.

This delay is likely due to continued manufacturing issues with Intel’s 10-nanometer process. This marks the fourth delay for the process as Intel have previously delayed their low power Cannonlake-U and Cannonlake-Y chips until the end of 2017, late 2018 and once more until 2019. With the process originally set to roll out back in 2015 judging upon Intel’s Tick-Tock model. Intel’s process is seriously look dire with the company being able to roll out a single CPU, a dual core chip clocked at 2.2GHz with the iGPU fused off requiring a separate die for the graphics.

Intel is now pushing towards a late 2019 launch for Cannonlake desktop products boasting up to a 2.7x improvement in transistor density compared with 14nm and a 40 percent lower power draw. The company will continue to tap out products with their current refined 14nm technology for the time being.

Lots of broken promises from the Intel camp, that three year advancement on the process and yet they just can’t seem to get it rolling… even after three whole years. It doesn’t end just there for Intel as by their own admission have suggested that their first generation 10-nanometer process would not be on the same terms of performance as their current 14nm ++ process. Only once they manage to get their refined 10nm + fabrication out of the woodwork can they actually stand the chance to surpass their previous generation.


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