Intel Demonstrates “XeSS” Supersampling in Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker
29 October 2021
Alchemist ARC Exor Studios Hitman 3 Intel IO Interactive Super Resolution Super Sampling The Riftbreaker upscaling

Intel wishes to cash in on the supersampling craze such as NVIDIA’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR technology, probably because from what insiders have told me the performance expected of Intel’s upcoming DG2 graphics cards….. you’re more than certainly going to be needing to upscale your way to the top.

As part of a GrabblerTube broadcast starring Intel’s VP and General Manager of Client Graphics Products and Solutions, Roger Chandler. Intel have demonstrated the capabilities of its new XeSS super resolution technology, as Intel make announcements of partnerships between them and IO Interactive, developers of Hitman 3 and Exor Studios.

Such partnerships have resulted in XeSS technology being implemented as least for presentation purposes on Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker.

Hitman 3 required an updated Glacier Engine in order to accommodate Intel’s XeSS which actually shows promise, on top of being open source according to Intel, XeSS technology can be supported with products from other manufacturers.

The low quality 1080p footage still manages to highlight increased visual clarity on Hitman 3 when utilizing this XeSS technology, and of course don’t expect to see any of this supersampling make its way into the circulation of upcoming trash titles well until after the release of Intel ARC Alchemist GPU’s.

Hitman 3 wasn’t the only title to be showcased with this new XeSS technology, as there was a second demo featuring “The Riftbreaker” presented by the VP of Architect, Graphics and Software at Intel, Lisa Pearce.

The Riftbreaker is already a title that supports super resolution technology from other vendors such as AMD’s FSR or FidelityFX Super Resolution technology, however XeSS certainly doesn’t disappoint once you’re able to focus on the detailing from GrabblerTube’s horrid video compression.

The levels of detailing retained from utilizing XeSS super sampling is just night and day, from the looks of it certainly XeSS technology is going to be crucial for Intel as they look to release their ARC Alchemist discrete graphics cards sometime in early 2022 in what will prove to be a very challenging uphill battle as they’d be for better or for worse at least two generations behind on the onset.

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