Intel Core 12th Generation Alder Lake CPUs Listed by US Retailer – Just Ignore Platform Costs Goy!
15 September 2021
11th Gen 12TH GEN Alder Lake core cpu i5-12600K i7-12700K i9-11900k i9-12900k Intel intel core i7 Intel Core i9 Rocket Lake SKYLAKE

Previously we laughed at leaked European pricing for Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processors where the laughable 8-core i9-12900K ended up costing more than the 16-core AMD Ryzen 9 5950X.

Europeans for the most part always generally get shafted with their retail prices whereas the Americans tend to get the best deal in terms of pricing, as once again Momomo_us and Harukaze5719 bless us with more sighted retail listingsof Intel’s upcoming 12th generation processors curtesy of US retail outfit, Provantage.

Provantage had previously listed K and KF variants of the i5-12600K, i7-12700K and the i9-12900K in both tray and boxed flavors with much better pricing compared to the previous European peak at the upcoming Alder Lake.

Whereas judging by European prices the i9-12900K would’ve almost set you back $900 USD whereas here it had been listed for a less laughable figure of $604.89 with the KF coming in at $578.

While the pricing of the 8+8 Core i9-12900K is much better now, more in line with the likes of the Ryzen 9 5900X with 12-cores and 24-threads, the Ryzen processor can be had from $30-50 less than the listed prices of the i9-12900K/F.

The Core i7-12700K is now a more respectable $422 / 395 for K and KF variants respectively, where from the Euro listings it was believed to be around $600 USD upon conversion. With an 8+4 configuration, because of course Alder Lake features a cancerous big.LITTLE design which incorporates additional Atom cores rather than proper large ones which benefits Intel in advertising as now they can unleash “16-core” and “12-core” processors for the mainstream market.

However the biggest winner has to be the i5-12600K which comes in with 6-cores paired with 4 additional atom cores for $288 / $261 depending on if its a K or KF variant. For such pricing it would be absolutely ideal to perhaps purchase this Core i5 providing that Alder Lake doesn’t fall short in terms of gaming performance as did Rocket Lake before it despite thrashing previous generations on synthetical performance metrics.

However once again, while the prices of Alder Lake are at least slightly more reasonable than previously thought considering not only does one have to purchase a brand new 12th Gen Alder Lake processor but also accompanying LGA 1700 motherboard paired with a DDR5 memory kit which are certainly sure to bump the overall platform price up significantly if Gigabyte AORUS Z690 motherboard pricing is anything to go by, and that’s just with DDR4 memory support.

At first glance these Alder Lake CPUs certainly look to be very competitive, especially in pricing if we just throw out the whole big.LITTLE bullshit where the 8+4 Core i7 still ends up costing more than a genuine 12-core processor from AMD, whereas the i7-12700K could provide better value than the Ryzen 7 5800X at least on paper if synthetics are anything to go by (they aren’t).

If only a socket change a year didn’t keep the goyim in fear, a sub $300 6-core processor would prove to be ideal undercutting the price tag of the Ryzen 5 5600X although in terms of efficiency and actual threading capabilities it’s a complete toss up.

Once again the Core i9 is the bastard child, providing literally nothing of worth over the i7 within the same lineup for over $600, while now cheaper than the 16-core Ryzen 9 5950X it doesn’t really change anything as the ultimate deal remains to be Intel’s very own 10th generation processors.

Where the Core i9-10850K can easily be purchased on the already established and much more affordable LGA 1200 platforms where the 10-core processor can be had for just $416. While in synthetic trash it’s no match for even Rocket Lake and certainly not Alder Lake either but in raw gaming figures it trounces the Rocket Lake flop and if Alder Lake is anything to go by with its soon to be laughable gaming performance there’s absolutely no sense in “upgrading” to LGA 1700 anytime soon.

Intel have taken major strides in trying a more “affordable” approach, at least with their lower end SKUs relative to increased competitiveness from AMD Ryzen CPUs however Intel is by far one of the stingiest companies in the industry, always flaunting higher profits each and every quarter, simply because they held a major dominance on the market and their prices reflect that, Rocket Lake came and went with higher prices compared to Zen 3 processors despite being absolutely thrashed in everything by Ryzen processors and especially gaming by previous gen Core processors.

For Intel to be targeting these sorts of prices, despite the fact that the i9-12900K actually costs more than the previous generation flagship (i9-11900K), where not even the i9-12900KF manages to undercut the price of the 11th gen it’s obvious to assume that Intel don’t exactly plan on holding a dominant lead when it comes to what consumers want the most out of their glorified space heater, gaming performance.

I eagerly await to see how Alder Lake performs in actual game performance figures rather than glorified mobile benchmarks such as Geekbench where Alder Lake flaunts its meek Atom cores as if they’re anything other than marketing fodder.

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