Intel CEO Claims Bitcoin is a “Climate Crisis” as the Company Rushes to Produce Cryptocurrency Mining ASICs
18 February 2022
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A mega-kike corporation being two faced faggots? Say it ain’t so.

Intel’s CEO, Patrick Gelsinger has criticized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin during a brief interview with Bloomberg of which Patrick Gelsinger described Bitcoin as a “Climate Crisis.

“A single ledger entry in Bitcoin consumes enough energy to power your house for almost a day,” he said during the interview. “That’s a climate crisis.” 

Meanwhile of course China who’ve allegedly banned cryptocurrencies continues to dump enough carbon to paint the entire planet black.

Just like in the same sense Intel’s CEO was mighty critical of main competitor AMD’s Ryzen processors with marketing bullshit fluff regarding their 12th Generation of Core processors about how AMD is “in the rearview mirror” in terms of technological advancements and of course performance.

Hilariously enough in fact AMD’s recent purchase of Xilinx has now put the overall market capital of Advanced Micro Devices beyond that of the “world’s largest chip manufacturer”, essentially putting Intel firmly in the rearview mirror.

But I digress, Gelsinger is once again going on his tirades about how Intel is going to solve such a dastardly problem as Bitcoin’s impact on the environment through means of joining the craze by producing their own Bitcoin mining ASIC hardware which will somehow resolve the claimed “Climate Crisis”.

Produce even more mining hardware to alleviate the power consumption that they utilize? I guess that’s why Intel insists on calling such cryptocurrency mining hardware as “blockchain accelerators”, it’s a much more cleaner way of describing it.

Or more rather sales of their barely more efficient solutions would just put money into Patrick’s pockets.

Because of course you’re going to see urinalists kneel over and suck the Intel corporation off with barbaric bullshit such as Raja Koduri stating how Intel’s oh so efficient ASIC mining hardware offers a “thousand times greater performance per watt” than typical GPU’s.

No shit, graphics cards have been phased out of mining Bitcoin for almost an entire decade already as ASIC hardware has been thrusted onto the scene now offering Terahashes per second where graphics cards typically top out at mere Megahashes.

Intel is a company that has been built on deception and lies, bribing OEM partners to secure a monopoly is just the bare root of the evils such a company as Intel is willing to go to. However it seems that the company is doing everything it possibly can to extract greater profits from existing markets or by entering new markets such as cryptocurrency mining products.

Intel’s market share in the server sector is dropping each and every quarter, as their Xeons are severely outmatched in terms of performance and of course efficiency compared to the likes of AMD EPYC processors. So what does Intel do in such a situation?

Well of course, why not reenact their old Upgrade Service scheme? Rather than segmenting SKU’s by fusing off cores, cache and so on why not instead segment your Xeon processors through software rather than hardware?

This way the goyim get to buy inferior garbage Xeon processors and potentially upgrade them to support more memory channels / larger capacities, allowing for grater frequencies with larger TDP’s thus increasing performance without needing to actually swap the hardware itself.

It’s quite ironic how Intel will tell you that the concept of cryptocurrencies and mining them in particular is a massive environmental issue as they’re actively rushing production of their own cryptocurrency mining solutions of which to push onto the market to make a quick buck.

While at the same time they’re trying to pass off that the production of their own ASIC mining hardware would somehow alleviate the production of CPU’s and especially their upcoming GPUs which themselves won’t be hindered whatsoever when it comes to Ethereum mining capabilities.

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