Horizon Zero Dawn Developers Throw Twitter Tantrum Over Elden Ring
10 March 2022

It’s stuff like this that truly brings a smile to the faces of the inhabitants of clown world.

Firstly, I don’t really understand the bizarre reasoning as to why gamers and mainstream faggots are lunging themselves at Elden Ring as being one of the greatest games in recent times because it isn’t, in my eyes FromSoftware essentially remake the same game over and over again with marginal improvements, features and whatever else. In my own opinion Elden Ring is worse than prior Dark Souls installments.

By no means is it a bad title, especially when comparing it against the abundance of faggotry crap we’ve had to deal with in recent times, by that account Elden Ring is a godsend though unfortunately Elden Ring isn’t entirely free from the grasp of globohomo.

Regardless, the fact that Elden Ring isn’t deserving of urinalist appraisal of perfect 10/10 scores isn’t why we’re here, Sony’s first party woke trash Horizon Forbidden West had the misfortune of launching around the cusp of Elden Ring and has undoubtedly been swallowed whole by it when it comes to reception and most especially customer sales.

Since the launch of Elden Ring, overall game sales for Horizon Forbidden West took an instant nose dive by as much as a 80% drop in the UK alone. Metacritic scores showcase a similar story with Elden Ring being much more favorable by critics and players (96 vs 88 metascore) when compared against Horizon Forbidden West which features the woke friendly man-faced troon Aloy who was modeled with nipples so detailed that Sony wants to keep it under wraps.

Something entirely unexpected from Elden Ring completely stealing the thunder from Horizon Forbidden West was that some of the actual developers at Guerrilla Games were so unbelievably salty they took to twitter to “voice their frustrations” by means of critiquing Elden Ring publicly.

The tweet in particular comes from Blake Rebouche, Senior Quest Designer of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West responding to a string of now deleted tweets criticizing Elden Ring from your typical assortment of nigger faggots and wahmen.

The string of tweets started from “Ahmed Salama” complaining that Elden Ring is immensely popular amongst reviewers so instead Ahmed talks flak regarding the User Interface in Elden Ring.

Ahmed Salama has a rather checkered past, and coincidentally had employment stints at EA DICE where he worked on the notoriously bad, Genderfield V along with working at Guerrilla Games where he had reigns over the User Interface for Horizon Zero Dawn.

He now mysteriously works for Ubisoft.

Though I’m entirely sure that Ahmed Salama is anything but BIASED, almost as unbiased as I am happy that Mudslimes and Niggers have infected the gaming industry.

Below Ahmed you’ll see another response taking shots at Elden Ring and would you have guessed that it comes from yet another employee of a Sony subsidiary studio, with Nixxess Software graphics programmer, Rebecca Fernandez O’Shea chiming in to critique Elden Ring’s PC graphics and stability.

Furthermore, yet another Guerrilla Games employee, Lead Producer, Lambert Wolterbeek Muller chimed in on this illusive conversation with this constructive tweet.

And to round it all off beneath Fernandez we have yet another employee of Guerrilla Games, Blake Rebouche, Senior Quest Designer of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West to take the final potshot at Elden Ring for apparently having a bad quest design?

Blake Rebouche, Massive Faggot.

Critiques of quest design is rich coming from the sorts of faggots responsible for garbage trash such as Horizon Zero Dawn which follows the mantra of cinematic cutscenes followed by snippets of walking before the next cutscene sequence.

The string of tweets from the likes of Ahmed, Fernandez and Blake ReDouche obviously didn’t go well considering the sheer popularity and consoomer appeal that Elder Ring has amassed in such a short amount of time.


While the tweets were still active responses came fast and certainly left a bigger impact upon the three stooges more so than Horizon Zero Dawn ever will among the gaming industry.

The likes of Ahmed Salama seemingly couldn’t take the negative replies mocking the bastardized and formulaic “User Interface” used in modern titles such as Horizon and God of War to appeal towards retarded zoomers, for Ahmed seemingly purged his entire Twitter account. Shame.

Blake Rebouche also locked his twitter account following the accused ordeal.

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