Hong Kong Customs Thwart Smuggling Attempt of NVIDIA CMP Mining Processors – 300 Manli NVIDIA CMP 30HX Cards Bound for China Seized
5 April 2021

Glory to Arstotzka!

Sadly everywhere in the world illegal smuggling is everywhere, drugs for instance is a very lucrative commodity. Hollywood for instance like to not only abuse the women and children who wish to become actors but traffic them as well. God bless the GrabblerSA.

With the ever increasing demand of cryptocurrency mining performance from an ever dwindling market it would make sense that people would then move onto smuggling stolen graphics cards whether overseas or particularly into certain providences of China which have a ban on cryptocurrency mining farms because the Grabbler hungry communist chinks simply cannot let the goyim make any shekels.

So it would come as no surprise as on April 3rd, Hong Kong customs have seized over 300 NVIDIA CMP 30HX mining processors most certainly bound for China from a fishing boat.

NVIDIA’s CMP HX cryptocurrency mining processors may be extremely shitty with the 30HX and 40HX in particular being rebranded trash from NVIDIA’s previous Turing architecture however to these unsuspecting chinks it seems that in this current market climate graphics cards may as well be considered the next opium.

With 300 units of NVIDIA’s 1660 Super rebrand (CMP 30HX) being seized by customs after what would seem something out of a B list movie, with the authorities monitoring a suspicious fishing boat anchored in the waters outside of the Hong Kong International Airport. At 2AM smugglers were then detected offloading boxes from the fishing boat onto a speedboat which obviously alerted the authorities to investigate resulting in the smugglers being spooked off and then chased.

Sadly for the communist utopia of China, no death penalties will be handed out as the smugglers aboard the speedboat escaped the authorities, however obviously the owner of the fishing boat has been detained.

Among the goods that have been confiscated from the fishing boat are illusive food items such as shark fins and possibly the likes of pangolins scales, rhino horns and the like. Smartphones and unnamed computer products were also seized alongside the 300 individual NVIDIA CMP 30HX graphics cards.

Considering that NVIDIA aren’t actually shipping their godawful CMP HX cards directly to retailers across the globe with what few retailers that actually want this shit having to order it much like every other graphics card if we’re being honest. These smuggled cards were more than likely stolen during shipment and or delivery.

Regarding which subvendor specifically has produced these NVIDIA CMP 30HX mining processors that would be none other than Hong Kong based Manli who mainly produces trash aftermarket products for Asian countries as you’ll certainly never find their shit in western markets.

With the seized CMP 30HX graphics cards being based from Manli’s GeForce GTX 1660 Super Gallardo graphics card.

The NVIDIA CMP 30HX mining processor is undoubtedly a piece of shit but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures as these horrible mining products have already proven to be VERY profitable for the company having already secured a $30 Million deal with Hut 8 Mining Corporation just days ago.

The 30HX is based off a horrid entry level product from NVIDIA’s last generation castrated Turing GTX 16 series, the GTX 1660 Super if you can’t already tell.

Advertised as being able to produce 26 MH/s effectively it comes with 6GB of GDDR6 memory rated at 14 Gbps and contains just 1408 CUDA cores. It’s no more superior at mining Ethereum as per say any Polaris 10/20/30 graphics card with 8GB of VRAM at the helm. Especially considering the fact it’s a last generation product that was released at the end of October 2019 it would be extremely cheap for NVIDIA to reproduce as they’re built utilizing the TSMC’s 16/12nm process node.

And that doesn’t even include the fact that NVIDIA’s CMP HX cards are merely defective trash silicon packaged without external display connectors utterly rendering them paperweights after the mining craze is over. I hate chinks, I hate miners and I hate NVIDIA so I’m sort of conflicted on how I should actually react to this whole story, the smugglers managed to get away with some of their haul with their wares undoubtedly will soon be sold.

Particular Chinese regions have outright banned cryptocurrency mining which doesn’t really mean shit when China is responsible for over half the world’s entire mining power. Large scale mining operations consume immense amounts of electricity so much so that Iran faced power outages because of it.

NVIDIA is undoubtedly making a lot of money from repackaged trash due to the current market climate of limited supply of anything to do with turning sand into silicon and that’s just sad.

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