Guerrilla Games Mimicking The Last of Us by (((Expanding))) Horizon Franchise with Remakes and Multiplayer Titles
5 October 2022
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Pure Unadulterated Soy(ny).

When Naughty Dog revealed their plans to not only re-faggotize the franchise with a butchered remake of the original The Last of Us, dubbed “Part 1 which of course will finally come to the PC, we all scoffed and vomited.

Because you just know it’ll lead to “success” for Sony and Naughty Dog given the track record of how mundane cinematic trash, formally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation consoles have been performing on PC, there’s no doubt that soylaced faggots will relish the goyslop produced by Neil, just as they’ve done months prior with the “God of War” Reboot.

The future of gaming is up to debate, we’re obviously heading down a sharp slope towards mobile games and games as a live service (GaaS), one thing we can say with utmost certainty though is that the future of gaming is unquestionably kiked shit.

Naughty Dog unveiled their intentions of building upon The Last of Us “universe”, obviously pandering to their consoomer faggots with borrowed buzzwords from Marvel’s “Cinematic Universe”, with video game IP’s growing larger than themselves spanning movies, TV shows or wannabe “anime” series just like Cyberpunk.

CD Projekt had announced several projects in development as well, following the initial failure of Cyberpunk 2077 and eventual success of the sheer amount of sales the woke POS managed to sell, no doubt thanks to Studio Trigger and their horrible “anime” series, but of course coomers will gladly give the so called “anime” praise because it contains a loli and that’s “based”.

It doesn’t matter how gay your franchise is, so long as you market it towards faggots who like anime they’ll eat that shit right up.

CDPR has “many ideas” for new TV shows and films utilizing their intellectual property, following suite from Naughty Dog and their HBO series focused on TLOU, CDPR plans to expand upon The Witcher series with two titles based on The Witcher, one of which is being outsourced to a third party studio, alongside a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077 dubbed Project Orion.

On top of a remaster of the original title, the future of The Last of Us will devolve into a multiplayer only GaaS title, because just as the generation of cinematic garbage before it, live service games are where the money is at right now.

Another Sony first party developer, Guerrilla Games agrees with this sentiment.

Guerrilla Games, the soylent developers behind Horizon Forbidden West and Zero Dawn are working on a multitude of projects, which include remastering the original title for the Sony PlayStation 5 alongside a multiplayer title built in the “Horizon universe” according to leaks.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fairly recent title that doesn’t warrant a remaster whatsoever, it released only in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 but of course remakes and remasters are essentially a license to print money.

But given the nature of Horizon titles boiling down to mundane cinematic experiences of collecting berries and following the guidance of your HUD, a lot of consumers will gladly purchase the game yet again for the PS5.

And a surprise to absolutely nobody, the game itself is also a woke pile of shit, with the female protagonist if you can honestly believe it to be a woman, progressively getting more masculine like an ugly bull dyke lesbian as the series has progressed onwards, now including facial hair in Forbidden West.

Rest assured that the remaster for the Sony PlayStation 5 will improve upon Aloy’s design by making her more and more unattractive, as it will include greater detailed lighting effects and textures.

However the second addition to the leaks include a multiplayer only title, of course for the PS5 and PC, it’s proclaimed to be centered around the different established “tribes” in the franchise and it’s unknown whether the title will be focused around co-op or PvP.

Obviously, if the rumor were to be true that Horizon would be expanding to a multiplayer only title it would be natural to expect it to be focused around PvP action, considering that is the most popular aspect in mundane live service titles that generate free wealth for the publisher through in-game microtransactions.

The modern developer is creatively bankrupt as the money printing madness has moved from cinematics to live service titles, forcing them to create a hodgepodge of woke symmetry utilizing their franchises to maintain relevance and line their pockets full of cash through online only titles and predatory microtransactions.

Danke, Robot Enthusiast.

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