Grand Theft Auto 6 To Be “Most Woke Yet” According to Take-Two Interactive CEO
14 August 2022
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Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has never been bigger and coincidentally it has never been more shit. With Grand Theft Auto V being one of the world’s largest video games in terms of overall copies sold, Rockstar Games and parent company Take-Two have been generating hundreds of millions each and every quarter from the GTA franchise.

Grand Theft Auto V has ensnared Rockstar Games due to its popularity with consoomers, mostly niggers, all effort from Rockstar has been diverted to ensure their cash cow stays alive with continuous drip fed content packages, pushing bullshit such as the GTA+ service subscription for GTA Online.

Sheer (((greed))) is what lead to the embarrassing GTA Trilogy footed by mobile developers, Grove Street Games rather than Rockstar’s own Dundee studio, the horrific trilogy butchered the legacy of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, imposed censorship and various altercations and yet it proved to be a lucrative success.

Over the span of 9 years, Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 170 million copies.

Despite being coded by trannies and apes and butchering the Renderware based games by utilizing the Unreal Engine, the GTA Trilogy managed to sell 10 million copies during its first quarter of sale, exceeding expectations however subsequent quarterly sales however have dropped dramatically to less than even one million for two quarters consecutively.

Fun Fact: John Papadopoulos of DSO Gaming shilled for this train wreck.

Meanwhile, other games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 have been left to rot, with its online essentially abandoned in favor of Grand Theft Auto Online simply due to the sheer amount of profit it generates nonstop, whereas Rockstar Games as a company go into freefall losing key staff members over the years and replacing them by disfigured trannies on behest of the Jewish standard of diversity hires.

Which has lead to Rockstar themselves to impose censorship in Grand Theft Auto V to be more inclusive and tolerant towards the twitch trannies and faggots who continue to feed Take-Two Interactive through shark card monetization.

Censorship, slap dash development, outsourcing, diversity hires, inclusivity, microtransactions and live services, you already know by now that any proposed sequel or continuation of the Grand Theft Auto franchise will be a woke train wreck.

Thankfully for us, the imminent failure of the GTA franchise has basically been confirmed by Take-Two Interactive’s own CEO.

During a financial call, (((Strauss Zelnick))) made mention that Grand Theft Auto 6 was “well underway”.

In fact, several reports claim that in order to put the attention towards GTA 6, Rockstar have scrapped several projects such as bastardization (re)releases of Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption for the PC.

It’s truly a damn shame we’ll probably never see Red Dead Redemption make it to the PC but then again I fear the absolute worst in terms of what the game would actually be like if “remastered” by the most inclusive Rockstar we’ve seen yet.

However in terms of development for Grand Theft Auto 6, (((Strauss Zelnick))) also claims that the game will be the most “creative yet”.

“The Rockstar Games team is determined to once again set creative benchmarks for the series, our industry, and for all entertainment, just as the label has done with every one of their frontline releases.”

“Creativity” is merely a berg-word that would otherwise indicate woke bullshit and political correctness which has been the direction that Rockstar Games have been taking the GTA franchise over the years, with the sanitization of crossdressing faggots it’s also assumed that Rockstar will be toning down the representation of “marginalized” groups.

(((Bloomberg))) reports indicate that GTA 6 will take place in the setting of Miami while also featuring a female protagonist which was certainly expected given that it’s the (((current year))) after all, however I cannot help but feel rather underwhelmed unless of course Rockstar Games gives me the satisfaction of being able to play as a black female trans woman in Grand Theft Auto.

Initially, once the game is revealed and eventually released, considering that it’s Grand Theft Auto and the modern practices of it being tailored moreso for the online gameplay (for monetization), whether or not they choose to for such a woke approach the game will probably sell well at least initially (much like GTA trilogy) however I have a suspicion that once the initial launch hype dies off Grand Theft Auto 6 will probably follow the same trend as Red Dead Redemption 2 and eventually decay slowly as desperate nigger consumers flock back to the latest re-re-release of GTA V for their latest Soy Station Pro or equivalent console.

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