Google Stadia is Officially Dead
3 October 2022
Google Stadia

After just little over two and a half years Google have properly announced that they will be scrapping their Google Stadia “platform” of cloud gaming “consoles”.

I mean who could’ve foreseen such an event happening?

Google had big ambitions with Stadia, with the kike tech giant shitting out their own “system” along with forging several in-house game development studios of which intended to make games for the so called system, the Stadia is not a console, and yet several large name publishers / developers eventually had released their titles on the subscription service machine.

Over a year ago Google shut down their in-house developmental studios, who were hard at work making the latest in gay trash for the Stadia of which suffers severe input latency issues given how the entire system is actually just a live service much like the failed experiment that was OnLive.

Input Lag + Low Bitrate garbage? Sign me up!

OnLive was the pioneer of cloud gaming, the first of its kind and certainly way ahead of its time, but that isn’t saying much considering how even today cloud gaming is looked down upon with distain, even as technological standards have dropped for average consoomers significantly, companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Valve and NVIDIA have all tried their hand at the most pitiful attempt at a subscription gaming service all of which are absolute rubbish.

Google’s Stadia project was met with rightful criticism from day dot, given how it absolutely rapes individuals who don’t happen to have an unlimited data cap on their internet service as you’re more or less projecting “gameplay” onto your display which obviously requires a decent internet connection for high bitrate “action”.

Google plans to officially axe the Stadia service early next year, of which the Stadia joins the long list of things Google have created only to kill off shortly thereafter, see the Google Graveyard for more info.

The Stadia was a flop from the very beginning, taking Klaus Schwab’s most famous words, “You will own nothing” to heart given that users not only had to purchase a Stadia subscription but would also have to purchase actual games to access specifically for their streaming “console”, because of course when the Stadia would inevitably go tits up all of your games, progress and whatever else would go down along with the sinking ship too.

But at least Stadia owners will be (((happy)))?

It depends, Ubisoft being one of the only, if not THE only company to have come out to support imaginary gamers who’ve bought their repetitive rubbish for the platform by allowing Stadia owners to transition their games onto the PC, the one platform that Stadia owners despise.

But I can guarantee there’s not one single person who are enjoying the demise of their beloved cloud laced gayming garbage than this helpless el goblin.

6,000 hours on Red Dead Redemption 2, actually no.

That’s six thousand hours on Red Dead Redemption 2 Online…. on Google Stadia. Aside from this nigger being one hell of a horse testicle enthusiast it was quite possibly that he and himself alone were keeping the flop formally known as Google’s Stadia afloat with his patronage of high latency cowboy action.

Online-only on Google Stadia, on a game that does not allow for cross platform save progression, absolutely deserved for this faggot if you’ve spent so much time and effort on such a rubbish platform for its online component you deserve to have six thousand hours of your mundane life go up in smoke.

When your entire marketing / consumer base consists of nothing more than extremely faggotized gaymers, when the news broke that Google would be scrapping its failed project the people were livid.

So they made a petition to change Google’s mind.

Hang on here, we’re reaching ONE THOUSAND signatures, surely enough the mega kike conglomerate would have to listen to the “people” then?! I’m sure.

The petition is as you’d expect, written in a manner that is extremely gas-worthy from faggots who simply cannot fathom that their fake “console” subscription service has been rugpulled.

“Google has the most reliable servers in the world, they are the most capable company of running a cloud gaming platform.” and yet they failed every step of the way, probably because the only sorts of idiots who fell for Google’s bullshit were the benign retarded front fringes such as “General Banan”.

The problem with Stadia wasn’t that it simply failed to garner the required amount of subscribers to match or surpass the investment of maintenance, but more rather it’s entirely Google’s fault for not putting in “enough effort”.

Cognitive dissonance is simply bliss, what’s even more hilarious are the various other reasons behind why people are signing a worthless online petition with the hopes and dreams of keeping a dead platform alive.

Oy vey, I cannot possibly save up enough shekels to buy anything else, therefore I must pay a monthly service subscription of $10 USD plus the additional costs of games themselves.

Stadia got me through the COVID pandemic, spent every dime of my stimulus checks on games now I can only afford to buy Stadia, without my beloved cloud gaming “console” I have suffered chronic depression.

Remember the Ouya?

The real sad part comes in the form of these faggots preaching only to themselves because everyone else, normal people if you will simply don’t give a shit about the Stadia “console”, and Google for that matter. The hapless cries and tears of faggots who cannot manage their income will surely change the minds of Google executives in continuing a platform at a loss.

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