Golden Goystick Awards – The Last of Us 2 Crowned Ultimate Gayme of the Year and PlaugeStation Gayme of the Year
26 November 2020

The Soystick Awards ceremony has concluded with the unsurprising winner of the night being mainly The Lesbians of Us Part II.

The pozzed lesbian self-insert anti-Christian Yiddler fuckery known otherwise as TLOU2 released to critical acclaim by the (((media))) and gayme urinalists but otherwise shunned and rejected by actual gamers.

Now gayme award shows haven’t actually been of actual consideration for anything for as long as I can remember, though in recent years it would seem that gayme award ceremonies like The Golden Joystick seem to only promote degeneracy, satanic and faggotized trash propaganda in their award shows along with more deserving titles who miss out on the awards they truly deserve.

(((Naughty Dog’s))) The Last of Us 2 has been voted both the Ultimate Gayme of The Year and the PlayStation Game of the Year, can’t say I’m too shocked of the Yiddler developed nepotism clenching such awards with their Zionist propaganda disguised as a video game.  TLOU2 has won these two awards over the much more deserving Ghost of Tsushima in both categories.

Ghost of Tsushima is a fabulous game, a game that wasn’t spoiled on the internet and berated for agenda filled gay story, a game that hasn’t been berated on the internet for its faggot propaganda and rushed to return by those who’ve bought it. I’d honestly like to meet the mentally malnourished fangays who sincerely voted for The Lesbians of Us 2 over Ghost of Tsushima.

Sucker Punch Productions literally have been sucker punched by the LGBT mafia in this faggotized gayme awards show.

Moving on, The Lesbians of Us Part II managed to secure more awards such as: Best Storytelling, Best Visual Design and Best Audio. While Naughty Dog themselves take the Best Studio Award. Once again I am actually infuriated yet not surprised that this Yiddlerd pozzed trash managed to snag “best visual design” over Ghost of Tsushima.

“Muh Inclusivity” if you don’t like self-insert man on steroid junky tranny mo-capped sex scenes you’re just an evil bigot nazi.

Aside from that garbage other retarded awards were given to equally retarded winners such as Fall Guys receiving the Best Multiplayer Gayme award. The little indie game that seemingly came out of nowhere, used and abused by Twitch streamers and has since fallen out of relevancy in a matter of months.

The walking simulator known as Death Stranding has won PC Game of The Year, somehow Call of Duty Modern Warfare manages to win the E-Sports Game of The Year which completely confirms that e-sports will never be considered real sport, I suppose Call of Duty needed to win an award of some kind. Those Activision shekels are too good to pass up it would seem.

The rest of the awarded list is as follows:

  • Best Game Expansion: No Man’s Sky: Origins
  • Mobile Game of the Year: Lego Builder’s Journey
  • Best Indie Game: Hades
  • Still Playing: Minecraft
  • Best New Streamer/Broadcaster: iamBrandon
  • Best Family Game: Fall Guys
  • Best Gaming Community: Minecraft
  • Best Performer*: Sandra Saad – Ms. Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers
  • Breakthrough Award*: Fall Guys
  • Best Gaming Hardware: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3080
  • Hall of Fame*: Team 17
  • Xbox Game of the Year: Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Nintendo Game of the Year: Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Most Wanted Game: God of War: Ragnarok
  • Critics Choice Award*: Hades

Modern gaming has become a shadow of its former self, with titles being released increasingly ramping up the faggotry and political agendas and praised by soulless media and journalists. Game Award ceremonies have fallen out of relevance in recent years being completely hijacked for non-gaming faggots and corporate handouts. It was certainly unsparingly that trash such as TLOU2 was so successful this year yet it certainly begs to question just what kind of degenerate pozzed trash awaits us all in 2021.

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