Going Commando – Essential Pyra Nude Mod Heats Up Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Twitter Degenerates Screech
16 March 2021
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Bobs and Vagene make the world go round.

The hits keep on coming with the plethora of mods for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, particularly for its new character additions Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2.

Previously we’ve discussed delicious modifications for Pyra and Mythra which gave the characters essential jiggle physics allowing for bouncing tits followed by mods that effectively remove their censorship particularly around the chest, legs and ass regions of Pyra and Mythra which have been covered up in their Smash outfit compared to their original costume as featured in Xenoblade 2.

Along with a mod by LN_310 that reskins Pyra, Mythra and Rex with their respective swimware DLC outfits from Xenoblade 2 which is now available to download!

However the “disgusting incel degenerates” of the Smash community or as I prefer to call them, massive fucking legends have devised yet another plan to piss off the actual degenerates of the “Smash community”, how can you simply improve upon the previous Pyra and Mythra mods already uploaded?

Why with a nude mod of course.

You’ve heard that right, though sadly only available for Pyra at this current time the nude mod is available to download and install right now over on GameBanana.

Now I’m sure you’re aware from the crude thumbnail of this article that this post includes adult content, so if you’re either a faggot or asexual you can fuck right off. Continuing on the massive legend in question goes by Zai and his mod in question completely disrobes Pyra for battle.  


And of course what kind of a cunt would I be if I didn’t include some uncensored images of the Pyra nude mod in action? Especially when it’s combined with the jiggle physics mod creating the ultimate trigger device for the mental midgets of Twitter.

Because you just know that a mod of this nature has all but surely upset and offended the faggots of the Twitter brigade, probably because it was Pyra who got a nude mod first and not some child instead.

Need I remind you?

Of course it’s hilarious to watch these puritans faggots run their mouths and target others in packs like wild animals. Because let’s be honest here if there’s anything to get upset about is that the nude mod is only available with Pyra at this current point in time however specifically if you noticed the mod has also removed Pyra’s core crystal which is actually apart of her. God fucking dammit Zai, you’ve ruined my immersion!

POV: You’re A Faggot.

First it was bouncing boobs, then it was Pyra and Mythra being uncensored that sparked outright but now the puritan faggots are upset over a naked woman. Whatever bullshit helps deter away from the fact that these Smash faggots are child molesters I suppose, though it’s funny to drink their tears. God bless modders.

Once again the Pyra Nude Mod is available to download right now.

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