God of War: Ragnarok Gets Woke With Disgusting Fat Thor With “Blasian” Race Swapped Angrboda
12 September 2021
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Niggers in Norse mythology? Sure, why not.

Soyny recently held its PlayStation Showcase of 2021 of which contains a verity of announcements of games for their latest PlagueStation console, the PS5. Among the trash heap that was announced happened to be the next installment of the God of War franchise following its 2018 reboot, God of War: Ragnarok.

The God of War: Ragnarok reveal trailer showcased lovely visuals right round, that was until the point where we were introduced to some new characters such as Thor and Angrboda during the end of the reveal trailer.

Because of course this is the current year and it just wouldn’t be an “accurate” representation of Norse mythology without having first depicted it as such in a way where SJW Gaymers wouldn’t be offended by shoehorning in some diversity and inclusivity.

And this is exactly what Santa Monica Studios have done with God of War: Ragnarok, as Thor has been absolutely degraded by being depicted as a fat ugly bastard completely derailed from the actor the design was based upon, just like Horizon Zero Dawn and the ugly man-face Aloy.

Previously Thor had already been teased in the 2018 God of War reboot however he wasn’t depicted as a belly jutting “Fat Bastard” ripped straight out of Austin Powers, with this incarnation of Thor being absolutely ruined for additional woke points.

Still however, at least Thor had managed to retain their white skin….

For the sake of diversity and pleasing gaymers that don’t actually exist, Angrboda has been race swapped into a disgusting looking chink nigger.

A Blasian in my video game? Certainly this tremendous feat in diversity in video games is worthy of double if not quadruple the amount of woke points to please the leftist rainbow reich.

Niggers have no place in Norse mythology I’m afraid, with Angrboda being a Jotunn meaning that without a doubt she should be white. But it’s pretty damn obvious that Santa Monica Studio are wiping their ass with Norse mythology for God of War: Ragnarok to cater towards woke liberal retards as half-Jotnar characters such as Atreus and Thor retain their true white skin.

The way that Atreus is depicted in the reveal trailer has me thinking (and hoping) that also for the sake of diversity that he will undoubtedly break the mold by being a fudge packersexual.

If we’ve come this far we may as well tie the fucking noose and put our neck right in, time to join the 50%.

Honestly in this modern era of the video gayme industry reboots of every single kind has served as a means of taking older properties, recycling them with modern politics such as bullshit woke propaganda which is what we’re seeing here as God of War: Ragnarok has truly gone off the path set by the God of War Reboot back in 2018 by race swapping characters for the sake of inclusivity and diversity or representing them as obese lards.

Sony have been having major difficulties servicing its cancerous woke garbage on its GayStation consoles with more and more “exclusives” ending up on PC after awhile, however for our sake I truly hope that neither God of War: Ragnarok or the 2018 reboot ever step foot on the PC, because Soyny can keep their woke trash to themselves.

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