Gigabyte NVIDIA CMP 30HX Listed on Romanian Retailer for Just $720 USD – Features “Amazing” 3 Month Warranty!
15 April 2021

To all my Pascal gamer friends, it is safe to mine now.

You’ve heard that right the NVIDIA CMP 30HX cryptocurrency mining processor now has the greenlight. The GTX 1660 Super rebrand in essence is complete and utter trash but that doesn’t stop NVIDIA from reproducing these old Turing GPUs and charging the goyim an arm and a leg because they’re dedicated mining hardware.

Previously we’ve seen a Palit 30HX listed on a UAE retailer for $723 USD, and quite soon after Hong Kong authorities managed to seize an attempted smuggling attempt of hundreds of “Manli” branded 30HX mining cards due bound for China. However this time around Gigabyte not only has published a product page on the piece of shit 1660 Super CMP but a Romanian retailer has listed it for sale as well.

Gigabyte’s product page for the “NVIDIA CMP 30HX D6 6G” showcases amazing features from their recycled GTX 1660 Super OC graphics card, as it comes with two fans that spin and circulate air along with containing heat pipes and a super friendly PCB design.

But in essence being a mining card, this is essentially a GTX 1660 Super with no display outputs, barebones packaging and of course a limited warranty in which case Gigabyte offers a record setting 3 months warranty on the CMP 30HX.

Based on the GTX 1660 Super it’s based on the previous generation Turing architecture albeit with zero support for the RTX gimmicks. With 1408 CUDA cores strapped together on a 192-bit memory interface with just 6GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 14 Gbps the CMP 30HX is awfully slow by today’s standards for gaming let alone cryptocurrency mining.

Needless to say that “resale value” is an afterthought by NVIDIA when they had the bright idea to reproduce old trash which is absolutely garbage at crypto mining for massive profits and the sad part thing about it is that it’s working.

With NVIDIA scoring a $30M sale to Hut 8 Mining Corp and changing their revenue prediction by increasing it from $50M to $150M this is certainly a lucrative business.

So, you’ve seen this piece of shit Gigabyte GTX 1660 Super so how about seeing it absolutely “fly” off the shelves? Because a Romanian retailer happens to be the first one to list this brand new Gigabyte CMP 30HX onto their stores.

Now, I don’t speak gypsy however what I can tell you is that the Gigabyte CMP 30HX mining processor is listed for the price of 2,960.83 RON with VAT (value added tax) added into the price however when converted to freedom units this particular CMP 30HX is being sold for little over $720 USD which mind you is practically the same price as the Palit CMP 30HX we saw for sale on UAE retailer Microless.

Once again I must iterate, return on investment? With NVIDIA’s CMP HX mining processors there is none. Consumers as well as big businesses and firms are a gorillion times better off having made the purchase of actual GeForce hardware which is exactly what they’ve been doing since before the POS CMP trash came into existence.

Since we’ve seen two individual cards across two entirely different countries with the same exact price it’s pretty much safe to assume that this disgusting GTX 1660 Super rebrand is practically being sold for well over $600 USD at the very fucking least. Ouch.

At current rates if you were to spend $720 on this pile of fucking trash to produce just 26 MH/s which mind you is utterly thrashed by a cheaper RX 580 but you’ll looking at over 300 days of mining alone before you even reach your ROI.

For the same price as what you could probably find a gouged RTX 3060 or 3060 Ti you’re getting at least 46% less effective hash rate compared to the regular RTX 3060 which if you don’t remember has already had its anti-mining bullshit breached.

Compared to the RTX 3060 Ti, the CMP 30HX is a drop of 57% when it comes to its hash rate.

The numbers don’t lie, if you were to go and buy a gouged RTX graphics card off ebay for the exact same price as this piece of shit CMP 30HX mining processor the time it takes to break even drops dramatically.

At $720 the NVIDIA CMP 30HX which produces just 26 MH/s takes 301 days to break even, at the same price a RTX 3060 will take practically HALF that at just 153 days. And the RTX 3060 Ti, well that’ll take you just 121 days at the same $720 USD to break even.

So what is the purpose of these CMP HX mining processors? For NVIDIA to make money shoveling shit into the mouth of the goyim.

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