(GET WOKE, GO BROKE) Volition Defends WOKE Saints Row Reboot
29 August 2021
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Just a couple days ago Volition announced the continuation of the Saints Row franchise, the Saints Row reboot was revealed with an absolutely horrid CG trailer and fans were not happy to say the least.

The trailer of the Saints Row reboot shows a new cast of characters that resemble that of a shitty Netflix original TV show with your typical strong black female lead paired with another soy munching latina woman and your trope gay white male side-character and obligatory Asian character.

It was an absolute woke fest to say the least, with just about every video depicting the new reboot being disliked into oblivion, with developers Volition adding more fuel to the fire in regards to the Saints Row reboot in various interviews.

Citing how the gaggle of soy cast features a “crew of young millennials who’ve turned to a life of crime to put food on the table, feel part of a community and to pay off student loans.” Are you fucking kidding me?

The woke hilarious soon got worse with a follow-up trailer dubbed “Welcome to Santo Ileso” which showcased fuckall actual gameplay as majority of the trailer features interjection from Volition developers and retarded interruptive segments from some niggeress.

With the Welcome to Santo Ileso trailer racking up an impressive 14,000+ dislikes in little over a day since release it’s pretty obvious that Volition have lost touch not only with the Saints Row franchise but also their fanbase.

As shown by the laughable comment sections from videos depicting the new Saints Row Reboot with many of the commenters either appalled or simply laughing at this Netflix adaptational video game.

Why bother utilizing masculine and offensive characters such as Johnny Gat when instead we can have a new cast of “totally relatable” college age characters fighting the good fight in creating not a gang, but more like a “startup company” to pay off their student loans.

With bullshit like this you might as well just wipe your ass with a college degree.

And Volition really tried to make these soy-filled faggots relatable as well, with the latino bitch (Nina) being the resident gearhead of the Soy Street Saints, and then you have the gay side-character Kev who wants to be a TV chef, he is the literal embodiment of everything that Saints Row absolutely is NOT.

It’s as if Volition have decided to put focus on Matt Miller and a bunch of other faggots as the main protagonists for this reboot, total fucking garbage.

Reception for this laughable reboot is so damn bad that people are flocking to trailers for the likes of Saints Row The Third in droves laughing it up and expressing their disgust for the death of the Saints Row franchise.

Volition understandably is on damage control, how dare these evil biggots not like our new “totally relatable” saints.

So of course in a string of twitter comments from the official Saints Row twitter account in response to another users critiques Volition have taken a double dose of soy by responding back in such a lame fashion with a gif of a previous SR title with the caption “Haters gonna hate”


But Volition wouldn’t just suffice with a mere halfarsed retort in response to majority of their fanbase finding the reboot to be nothing short of hipster garbage because Volition has literally gone on a tirade of damage control snapping back at just about everyone who dares mock the game or make its clear graphical connection to Fortnite and or Watch Dogs.

However the responses to Gavinator kept on flowing with Volition stating that they are not backing down with their reboot, along with an incorrect statement that literally nobody has ever rebooted any franchise before to be more politically correct and or inclusive.

But then again maybe Volition do have a point, literally nobody wants to remember the whole fiasco regarding Thundercats, He-Man and Ghost Busters. Such woke trash quickly faded into obscurity as will this Saints Row Reboot, because if the diverse cast of malnourished vegans haven’t already turned you off keen individuals have spotted within trailer footage / gameplay footage that Volition have changed the names of iconic Saints Row staples such as Rim Jobs and Freckle Bitches and have renamed them to be more PG oriented such as Jim Robs and FB’s

We can expect Volition to make a sporadic entry into the Get Woke, Go Broke master list as the Saints Row Reboot is doomed to fail when it releases on February 25th 2022 for last and current generation GayStation and XBOX systems and on the PC though that portion will be restricted to the Epic Gayme Store because as we all know EGS exclusive titles are certainly GAYME of the Year contenders.

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