Genshin Impact Player Banned for Insulting Communistical China
10 April 2022
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Say it ain’t so, a product of the CCP banning individuals who condemn their lovely communistical utopia?

Much like Overwatch, the only “positive” thing that Genshin Impact has brought to the table if you can even consider it a good thing, is pornography. Endless pornography.

Aside from all that Genshin Impact is an emmensely popular Fee-2-Pay game and it’s quite obvious as to why, being that it’s “F2P” and features vast amounts of good looking “anime” women and extremely feminine male characters, open world gacha trash with drip fed content for good measure it’s no wonder how MiHoYo have managed to generate over a billion dollars from Genshin Impact during its first year.

Video Gaming is the most popular it has ever been, considering this medium has been flooded with endless consoomer faggots and “gaymers”, Genshin Impact is essentially a masterstroke of a game for such individuals.

But consoomer reception of the world’s biggest communist money printer has been heading downwards over the last six or so months, considering China as a whole banned “effeminate men” or more rather, feminine men from appearing on TV and other forms of media such as advertising.

Censored costumes on the left.

Naturally the unaware thought this to be “based”, only to witness shortly there after that Genshin Impact then censors various costume outfits of its female characters to be less revealing, this censorship of course would be applied across all servers including western provinces.

Of course they never did anything in regards to making characters such as Venti more masculine, more rather they censor the women while the male “trap” characters remain the exact same. I thought the Chinese were against faggots?

So it would only be natural for MiHoYo to ban individuals who express their distaste of China and the CCP.

One such individual who had been conned into forking over their life savings into rolling for virtual characters has been given a generous 15 year back from Genshin Impact for allegedly voicing unwelcomed opinions such as MiHoYo’s censorship of the game along with distain for the lovely bug people of China.

Free thinking is not welcomed in a communist state.

The banned individual states they were playing on a “global server” for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, despite of course being banned by MiHoYo for breaching the Chinese terms of service.

Naturally like anyone who sunk countless hours and god knows how much money into Gacha Trash, the individual pleaded with customer support as to why they were banned, only to be given the half-arsed response that freedom is speech does not include criticizing the Chinese government on a property owned by the CCP.

Now exactly why was this individual given an all expenses paid 15 year trip to coomer rehab? For dare uttering the “conspiracy theory” that COVID-19 originated in China, on top of making their in-game Serenitea Teapot in such a fashion in an offensive manner to the Chinese.

If I’m being honest, the banned individual deserves such treatment, wasting their money pulling for virtual women and men is just fucking heinous. There’s no greater wakeup call for such faggots than to be usurped from your virtual non-goods, because of course we will own nothing but at least we will be happy.

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