Gay Frog Enthusiast Alex Jonestein (((Ordered))) to pay $965 Million Over (((Sandy Hook))) “Hoax” Claims
13 October 2022
Alex Jones Politics

I bet those damn Saudis did this.

You’d have to be completely retarded to believe a word that comes out of the worlds most infamous “conspiracy theorist”, I for one still remember the time Alex Jones said with a straight face that the chinks and the arabs were taking over Jewlywood.

His “Chewishness” aside, Alex Jones has been caught up in the most kiked of legal battles, with our beloved meatball matzah going to have to file for bankruptcy over a lawsuit that never should have been allowed to happen in the first place.

The Sandy Hook massacre is a travesty that most certainly “happened”, much like the Uvalde school shooting where the boys in blue were backing the Jew by putting more effort into arresting parents desperate to save their children than into dealing with the shooter specifically, standing in a hallway for an hour and laughing is also a plus.

Sandy Hook certainly happened, there’s no questioning it, how can you question the truth when they quickly and effortlessly demolish the entire school to protect absolutely nothing, you’d have to be insane to question the truth.

I watched the heartfelt cries of a father who lost his “son” during the incident, making a speech on TV about how heinous guns killed his “son”, but before going on stage (in tears) he could be seen sitting around in the background laughing with his buddies.

Totally normal reaction.

Almost like he was an actor or something, obviously Sandy Hook was REAL, why else would they parade dead kids around the superbowl?

Many months back, Alex Jonestein was sued. Sued by relatives of five “children” and three “teachers” who lost their lives in Sandy Hook, Alex Jones was sued for making the “false claims” that the school shooting was a hoax.

A trial that should’ve never made it to court is now the reason why Alex Jones will probably file for bankruptcy, it’s not by design goy, it’s not the Jews and you should most certainly trust (((the system))).

The (((courts))) slammed down on Alex Jones, with the conspiracy shill taking the time during the trial to mention the connection between the Clintons and Jefferey Epstein, but who could’ve foreseen that the (((system))) would crack down on one of its biggest shabbos goyim.

A verdict has been reached for the bullshit defamation trial that never should’ve gone to court, with the jury ordering Alex Jones to pay a staggering $965 Million dollars to the families of the Sandy Hook “victims”, which far outweigh the court order of $45 Million dollars over “damages” for his Sandy Hook “hoax” claims.

While I personally could not give two shits about Jew Jones or his new found poverty, this nonsensical bullshit court proceeding goes to show how rapidly society is collapsing under our very feet, there’s no such thing as due process, or trusting the system.

Everything and everything is out to get you it seems especially if you start to question the unquestionable truths that certainly happened like Sandy Hook, the Hall of Cost or how about the Las Vegas shooting? Five years now and still no motive to the world’s most elaborate hoax.

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