GameBanana Apologizes for Hosting King of Fighters XV “Nazi Outfit” Game Mod
31 May 2022
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Game mods in the current year have essentially transformed from genuine content that makes games more enticing or enjoyable, into self-loathing faggotry pushing trans/gay propaganda in video games for the sake of.

The current state of video game modifications seemingly stop as far as in-game texture altercations replacing the textures of models with that of pride flags and trans flags.

Faggotry like this is unacceptable but it goes to show just how deep of shit actual gamers are in today’s times, very rarely do we actually see true game modifications that transcend the original content such as The Chronicles Of Myrtana: Archolos or the Total Chaos mod for DOOM II if you can actually believe that.

Game mod repositories such as NexusMods or in this case, GameBanana seemingly have a stick up their ass to remove illicit game modifications that don’t adhere to their twisted line of “decency”.

NexusMods themselves throwing a fit over the Skyrim mod “Only Straight Marriages” which served the purpose to remove in-game gay marriage options, Nexus however swiftly removing the offending mods from their platform.

But at least you’re still able to download the “More Racism in Windhelm” mod.

Those who upload their game modifications to platforms such as Nexus, GB or perhaps others walk across a tightrope, because for any reason if puritan faggots seemingly take offense to your mod you’re in for a world of trouble.

GameBanana has taken political correctness when it comes to game mods to a new level having been made aware of an apparent “controversial” mod for King of Fighters XV featuring a Nazi Uniform and Whip, proudly displaying everyone’s favorite symbol of peace and prosperity, the Swastika.

Viewing the page for the Nazi Outfit and Whip mod greets you with its swift removal with GameBanana citing that displaying things such as the Swastika is now against the rules unless of course it’s featured in “correct” scenarios such as games that depict WWII.

You may also notice that it’s entirely acceptable for GameBanana to continue hosting Nazi modifications so long as it’s in an instance where the “evil nazi” is not only a non-playable character but also a character that is HOSTILE.

Because of course it wouldn’t be right unless liberal faggots can get off on senselessly bashing the fash through in-game modifications.

To protect its thin-skinned userbase, GameBanana seemingly went all out with a massive Twitter thread of apologize for dare hosting such “despicable” content on its platform

The mod in question lasted on GameBanana for a couple of weeks, sparking controversy upon release from angry feminized sodomites, GB citing that they were negligent in dealing with the situation accordingly, allowing the mod on its service despite its contents being a matter of freedom of expression was irrelevant.

Upon seeing the mod for myself when it was first published I sort of had a feeling that this would be the likely outcome, if you’re eager you could probably search the web for the now annexed mod but I’ve taken liberties in reuploading the Whip and Nazi Outfit for King of Fighters XV.

GameBanana apologized for not dare thinking that woke gaymers don’t care for “historical accuracy” and seemingly just want to whine because Nazi symbolism is heresy, GB will move forward being a more “safe and inclusive” place for game mods as they look to improve upon their moderation policies claiming that they will be making “internal changes”.

Needless to say, GameBanana will no longer tolerate any such mods moving forward as it has surely made a non-recoverable shift towards woke pandering.

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