FAITHFUL SUBS – A Literal Japanese Translation Mod
25 September 2022

A direct translation of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Japanese dialogue, providing a more faithful and literal English localization.

This is the hub for what I will call “Faithful Subs,” my one-man project to provide the community a more literal translation of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Japanese dialogue, introducing players to a more faithful retelling of the game’s story, rather than the current English localization that serves little more than closed captioning.

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These translations were done using a combination of DeepL, Yandex, and Google Translate. Additionally, I consulted with a good friend of mine, “JP Nvro,” who is well-versed in the Japanese language for his assistance on several lines that were still stubbornly incoherent even after being run through the automatic translators. JP and his wife Aya have provided great support in deciphering some of the more troublesome dialogue, but there will be updates made as JP and I find the opportunities to further coordinate and collaborate.

Keep in mind these translations are not perfect. However, I can guarantee I personally processed every line of the Japanese script and gave each piece of dialogue the attention I felt necessary to create an English complement the community would appreciate.


Unzip contents to FFVIIRemakeIntergradeEndContentPaks~mods


ANONFILE, GoFileWorkUpload

Intended usage is voice set to Japanese and subtitles to English.

Chapters will be translated sequentially and as time permits.

The first digit of the version number will indicate the last chapter translated and deemed acceptable for release; the second digit will indicate a minor change or revision applied to a part of the entire project. As updates are implemented and more chapters are posted, this should hopefully spell itself out (for the both of us).

A special acknowledgment must be made to those who commented and provided encouragement on my Proof-of-Concept video from 6 Jan 2022.

And, of course, additional thanks are owed to you for your (assumed) support.

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