Gal*Gun? Gal*Gone – Inti Creates Cancels Gal*Gun Returns On XBOX Due To Imposed (((Censorship)))
26 December 2020
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Yet another victory for actual gamers.

Inti Creates, the developers behind the planned re-release of the original Gal*Gun dubbed Gal*Gun Returns has had all plans for a release on the Microsoft Xbox One scrapped entirely. Please note that this does not change plans for the release on Steam or the Nintendo Switch.

When Gal*Gun Returns was first announced I pointed out how Inti Creates snubbed the potential release on the Soyny GayStation 4 as they obviously didn’t want to go through the endless hell that is Sony’s review process and (((globalist))) interjection demanding the game be censored to please Soyny.

With Microsoft trying so hard to force themselves into the Japanese market I just knew their globalistic policies would clash with Japanese developers and that’s exactly the case here.

The official announcement on Twitter goes into more detail regarding the reasoning behind the cancellation of Gal*Gun Returns for the Xbox One.

Inti Creates has sighted the reasoning behind the cancellation was due to Microsoft wishing to impose censorship themselves. Exactly the sort of thing they need if they actually wanted to get a hold in the Japanese market.

“As a remaster of the original Gal*Gun, we wanted to strive to ensure that we stayed true to the spirit of the first entry in the Gal*Gun series. It became apparent, after productive discussion with Microsoft, that we would be unable to ensure consistency of experience across all platforms.

Inti Creates are putting it quite subtly that Microsoft wished to impose their own changes to fit their “political standards”. The development of Gal*Gun Returns was actually completed, however Microsoft wanted to interject to censor the content that otherwise would’ve gone unchanged on the Nintendo Switch and on the PC.

This is exactly why Inti have stated that they’d be unable to “ensure consistency” with the release of other platforms had they bent to the whelm of Microshaft.

It seems that Inti Creates is certainly not backing down from these censorship puritans, having already given Soyny the cold shoulder and now cutting Microsoft off entirely.

Inti knows that bending the knee and allowing such corporate hacks to impose their own bullshit into the finished product would sacrifice sales from the true honest gamers (like myself).

Inti Creates would rather sacrifice platforms of release than censoring their own work. This is truly a defiant stand, hopefully more Japanese developers grow half the fucking spine that Inti certainly has.

Once again confirming why exactly the Nintendo Switch sales in Japan are still going strong years on and as to why support for Soyny and the like have dwindled over the last few years, and another reason why the PC remains the platform of choice for many.

This act of defiance from Inti Creates has made me swoon for a second time round, I will more than certainly be buying a copy of Gal*Gun Returns which launches on the Nintendo Switch firstly in Japan on January 28th 2021 followed by a global launch on February 18th on Steam as well.

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