GALAX Confirms Next GeForce Series in September
10 August 2018
Galax GeForce Nvidia

With speculation around the next GeForce announcement coming during Nvidia’s GeForce Gaming Celebration on August 21st during Gamescom.

It seems that it’s all but confirmed as a GALAX representative has confirmed during ChinaJoy that the next GeForce series will be arriving during the month of September promising “performance breakthroughs” when asked about the upcoming release date for the highly anticipated series.

With the secret out in the open it is guaranteed that Nvidia will be announcing their next generation GeForce products during their Gaming Celebration with most likely a paperlaunch throughout the month of September with a proper launch during October.

GALAX Statement:

“The release time of the next-generation NVIDIA graphics card will not be far away. Players will be able to see the information about the new graphics card in September. The performance will most certainly be a breakthrough growth, and will support the most advanced NVIDIA ray tracing technology. Game player is a good news!

Of course, custom GALAX models are also in the planning stages, the next generation of new graphics will still follow the Hall of Fame, GAMER, the many advantages of the series, and innovate in the shape and heat, giving players a better game Experience and visual enjoyment, in order to enrich the needs of players, we plan to create a new series in the graphics card, specifically what shape and positioning, first give everyone a suspense, but I can guarantee that will not disappoint everyone!”

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