From Rated-R to PG-13 – My Hero One’s Justice 2 Censors Midnight’s Cleavage with Attire Changes
21 March 2022
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Shonen is for niggers.

Now I respect your rights to watch shonen trash such as My Hero Academia, One Piece or other infamous piles of garbage, but if you are one for watching shonen do understand as to why you are undoubtedly a nigger faggot.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is a fighting game (who knew), based on the normie centric “Boku no Hero Academia” series featuring a verity of different characters from the hit series allowing normie faggots to “main” their favorite characters.

Like all games of such nature, naturally of course you couldn’t simply expect “all” main staple characters to be featured in-game, oh no. Because it would be a much better idea to simply hog sets of characters behind content walls of DLC content to milk gullible retards dry.

Excluding season passes, because of course My Hero One’s Justice 2 has a seasonal pass offerings, there are 17 different DLC pack options available for purchase, offering shonen consoomers the option to buy costumes for in-game characters and of course the option to purchase a single new character as DLC.

My Hero One’s Justice 2’s latest DLC character addition is the luscious “Rated R” heroine Midnight, a “pro hero” best known for her sex appeal in the series of which she is immensely perverted in both personality and attire.

In the series itself her “powers” are more or less the ability to put targets to sleep by means of emitting a sleep-inducing aroma that permeates from her body which only gets more stronger regarding how much of Midnight’s skin is exposed, naturally of course her “quirk” is more effective when it comes to targeting men rather than women.

So of course, a female character with a skill set like that would naturally come off as being sexualized and “perverted”, especially since her arsenal of weaponry consists of whips and lashes, which clearly isn’t some sort of BDSM innuendo.

Naturally of course given the character’s sexualized nature and “assets” it would be quite obvious that she would undoubtedly be censored as Midnight makes her way into My Hero One’s Justice 2.

And of course the inevitable happened as Midnight was officially announced as downloadable content for season 2, the main problem that’s quite obvious to see is the altered costume design of Midnight as featured in My Hero One’s Justice 2.

The design of which of course had been altered as a means of covering up her breasts, making them less noticeable compared to her original costume design as otherwise depicted in the series where she dons a white bodysuit beneath a corset allowing her most important “assets” to be much more prominent.

In My Hero One’s Justice 2 however her attire had been adjusted so that the corset is extended so that it then barely covers her breasts in a clear attempt to lessen characters sexual appeal by taking focus away from her now diminished chest size.

My Hero One’s Justice is actually published by Bandai Namco, why is this important exactly?

You may recall that the company itself effectively rebranded itself late last year. With a new minimalist logo design also came Bandai Namco’s pledges of diversity where the company announced that it would be taking a more inclusive route to better appease consoomers of wider audiences worldwide creating a new “era”.

And would you know it, right after that announcement came the whole Elden Ring character customization fiasco featuring immense faggotry and categorized body types” rather than gender terminologies.

Considering what gaming has become over the last couple of years, games depicting attractive women are deemed misogynist, where the only sexualized characters allowed are effluent gay men or just men in particular, sexualizing women is a big no no in modern times.

And that’s of course the dilemma, Midnight is an extremely sexualized character so of course Bandai would never allow her to be featured in My Hero One’s Justice 2 unaltered given their new woke policies.

Such globalist woke policies have sent shonen consumers into an outrage on twitter expressing their disgust over Midnight’s censorship, especially when considering how other characters in My Hero One’s Justice 2 maintain their truthful revealing outfits as opposed to Midnight.
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