For The Gamers! – PALIT Resurrects GP106 Mining GPUs
3 March 2021
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Previously we’ve seen PALIT previously submitting an abundance of graphics cards to the EEC (Eurasian Economic Commision) which confirmed the existence of the RTX 3060 as well as a potential 3050 Ti and 3080 Ti, both of which are still yet to be seen.

However this time around PALIT has submitted more GPU models to the EEC, however this time around the contents of the EEC listing are much more alarming.

Alongside more listings of potential RTX 3080 Ti models the concern here is that PALIT intends on re-releasing the old Pascal based P106 mining GPUs.

The P106 was a GPU released for the soul purpose of cryptocurrency mining all the way back in June of 2017, these graphics cards either contained the standard 1280 CUDA cores found on the GTX 1060 with 6GB of GDDR5 memory (P106-100) or came with an abysmal 768 CUDA cores with just 3GB of GDDR5 memory instead (P106-90).

These dedicated mining GPUs were built cheaply by AIB partners and did not contain features such as display outputs or even come properly packaged when sold, however these Pascal based graphics cards were also insanely overproduced leading to a massive influx of unsold stock as cryptocurrency prices crashed back in 2018 which led NVIDIA to repackage and repurpose GP104 graphics cards as the GTX 1060.

It’s unknown which P106 variant PALIT intend on dropping on consumers, however the EEC filing does list “1069” which would imply that it would be the P106-90 core with the 3GB of VRAM and 768 CUDA cores which as you may or may not know is almost completely worthless as the Ethereum DAG file exceeded 3GB so very long ago, and recently it has even exceeded 4GB putting graphics cards with only 4GB of VRAM out of commission. However that’s not to say that they can’t mine anything else, just that it would result in overall less daily profits.

If however PALIT intends on reselling the P106-100 with 6GB of VRAM it should be good enough to scrape just over 22 MH/s on Ethereum stock or somewhere around 25 MH/s plus when tuned.

More than likely you’d probably choice to mine something else.

It’s not much but you’d probably still manage at least $1.50 per day off of it. This in no way will entice miners to stop buying up gouged trash Ampere graphics cards whatsoever, this is purely a tactic for PALIT to make money and as such other AIB partners will probably begin to order more Pascal mining GPUs to flog to these miners.

With NVIDIA having announced their own “CMP” mining GPUs which are based on a mixture of Turing and Ampere graphics cards it’s no wonder why AIB partners are also putting an emphasis on bringing back piles of shit such as the P106 to milk as many shekels out of cryptocurrency miners quickly as possible as at this point in time older generation Pascal hardware utilizing old GDDR5 memory and built on TSMC’s 16nm process would be incredibly cheap to produce, as NVIDIA would know by bringing the GTX 1050 Ti back from the dead.

Honestly by this point the entire graphics card market has been swallowed whole by greedy corporations and cryptocurrency miners.

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