Fire Emblem Engage’s First Game Mod Censors “Problematic” Anna Outfit
24 January 2023
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How do you know when a series has been entirely usurped by a crowd of raving faggots?

When said raving faggots go and interject pro-censorship game modifications changing the costume of a “loli” character for being “too skimpy”.

It has only been mere hours since I’ve gone off on a tangent regarding the rapid decline of the Fire Emblem franchise, particularly with the most woke and faggotized addition to the long running series, Engage.

Thankfully the Gayming community has stepped in to bless Fire Emblem Engage with its first official game mod, adjusting an alleged controversial outfit for an underage character in a video game.

What a fucking honor.

Censorship mods for the easily offended, because the target audience for Fire Emblem Engage just so happens to be offended faggot westerners, as the game itself is awash with black characters and an irresponsible amount of gay relations.

Kobazco, the woke “modder” in question felt the need to adjust a problematic costume for the character of Anna, an 11 year old girl in Fire Emblem Engage.

The mod in question alters her “Warrior Outfit”.

Exposed skin? HOW SICKENING. I’ll have you know that Anna, despite being a recurring character of the franchise, in this particular instance she is 11 years old, exposed skin on an 11 year old girl? You detestable pedophile. I hope you rot in hell.

Kobazco feels the same way, at this brilliant mind has managed to replace this one problematic outfit with her default attire, because an exposed navel is way too problematic, and no I am totally sure that the mod creator is not repressing any sexual thoughts whatsoever.

Even though other outfits, such as Anna’s Sage outfit are still completely unaltered, so Kobazco couldn’t even censor her right.

To censor Anna’s outfit is a rather hilarious thing to do, considering how the mod creator obviously had an issue with her attire in the first place, but not the fact that she’s depicted as being an 11 year old girl in Fire Emblem Engage and is for all intents and purposes, a child soldier.

She’s a child solider, and in case you were unaware, Fire Emblem Engage has a lovely characteristic, the game actually features permadeath if you were to play the game in Classic Mode.

Explaining how the permadeath mechanic works is relatively straight forward, allies who die in battle alongside the player will be permanently dead, this really sucks if someone whom you like is on your party however it’s a very useful mechanic if you wanted to rid yourself of effluent faggots such as Rosado the trap.

Hilariously enough, you actually have the option to romance Anna in Fire Emblem Engage, regardless if the main character is male or female.

So, killable child solider and romancing is perfectly fine but an exposed naval is considered to be “uncomfortable” and is taking things too far? Gotcha.

Kobazco isn’t the only faggot to holler and screech over this obvious pedo-bait, with various westoid faggots taking the time to write out their comments about how problematic Anna’s outfit happens to be.

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