Fire Emblem Engage Awash With Faggotry
24 January 2023
Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Engage Nintendo Switch

9/10 Dentists agree that Fire Emblem Engage is Gayme of the Year.

Fire Emblem is a long running tactical RPG franchise that has spanned the better part of three decades, it wouldn’t be righteous to say that the series has been on the decline in recent times, even though quality, plot and map design has been steadily dropping since Fire Emblem Awakening back in 2012.

Because as you’d probably expect from a long running JRPG franchise, old fans are eventually replaced with newer ones who undoubtedly dictate where the series heads as Fire Emblem becomes more modernized over time.

But did you know the latest installment, Fire Emblem Engage released recently? Because it has completely slipped my mind as it has done to many other people, this is more than likely because Engage no longer represents Fire Emblem in the slightest as modern iterations of the franchise are stylistically distinct from previous installations since the release of Fire Emblem Awakening.

First featured in Genealogy of the Holy War and brought back in Awakening and Fates, a crucial mechanic to the game itself was its relationship mechanic.

Various characters can fight alongside the player, however the unique mechanic boils down to fighting with a certain set of characters long enough they will eventually develop feelings for one another (marriage), resulting in offspring being produced that have their own sets of character interactions depending on the parental pairings.

These offspring children each have their own character interactions depending on the parental pair you had, which is a lovely touch.

Though the main benefit of producing children in-game would be their varying different stats, with higher caps than their parents, making them vastly more effective in battle.

But nowadays, Fire Emblem has been desperately trying to capture the woke gaymer crowd by pushing inclusive character designs and gay relationship options.

Because this mechanic was revamped entirely for Fire Emblem: Three Houses, released in 2019 this specific title in question essentially cemented the decline of the franchise outright and the tone of where Engage was heading.

Story wise, Three Houses continues the downtrend set by its modernized companions in the franchise, but that’s not its main downside, the offspring mechanic featured in Awakening and Fates has been removed altogether but more importantly Fire Emblem Three Houses is the very first title in the franchise to allow for relationship options between characters of the same sex.

I’m not joking, there’s several available romance partners in Fire Emblem Three Houses that are of the same sex, albeit there’s only a handful of Male / Male partners available in the game, despite there being no Lesbian relationship option the fact that gay couples even exist is sickening and goes to show how far the franchise has fallen specifically to cater towards the modern soy-laced nu-gaymer.

Modern Humor.

But of course, this is the current year, essentially all modernized JRPGs have to follow the same trope of “gender-neutral” relationships, such as seen with Harvestella and Rune Factory, these woke same-sex relationship options devalues the dialogue as it becomes simplified and generic.

The reveal of Fire Emblem Engage was met from me with disgust and general lack of enthusiasm, rather than being a genuine Fire Emblem JRPG title it more or less represented normie bullshit, with character designs for Fire Emblem Engage being hilariously retarded.

Fire Emblem Engage resembles not a video game but rather sponsored content for Colgate, with plethora of characters having bright multi-colored hair, with several more character designs representing brownime more than anything, these changes were made entirely to be more inclusive catering towards modern game audiences rather than actual fans.

This is made all the more apparent with the character of “Rosado”, who happens to be an insanely feminized MAN otherwise known as a trap (faggot).

Failure is the new success and suffice to say when a video game is bad or features benign faggotry it still manages to sell sufficient units, Fire Emblem Engage is by far the worst entry in the franchise on several levels and yet the reception of the game remains as positive of the HIV status of its players, as people are undoubtedly “engaged” with Fire Emblem.

Reception is a mixed bag, considering how prior entries managed a user score of 8.0 to 8.9 such a drop is actually quite significant but the fact that Fire Emblem Engage still garners positive reception is baffling.

With the most atrocious character designs, a cringe worthy story along with a plethora of characters to romance regardless of your selected gender, with Male/Male and Female/Female options being available, Fire Emblem Engage is quite literally the gayest entry into the franchise, with a mixed reception.

Fire Emblem used to be a niche franchise, a well received one to boot, but that all changed with the introduction of Fire Emblem Awakening which brought along with it a vastly revamped design and a bunch of normie fans and with that the franchise was doomed.

Fire Emblem Engaged is truly a masterpiece, the most Fire Emblemest game that has ever Fire Emblemed.

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