Final Fantasy XVI Receives Hilarious Mature ESRB Rating
1 January 2023

Square Enix is a lost company, with how quickly and effortlessly they’ve outright destroyed their own franchises to the point of liquidation, Square Enix are no longer a Japanese game development firm but more rather a Grabblerpanese corporate entity focused on worldwide appeal and outreach with what few IPs they’ve got remaining.

Such as Final Fantasy, which they’ve proceeded to butcher following a spiel of garbage HD ports alongside pitiful “remakes” of other franchise installments, particularly Final Fantasy VII which is introduced quite a lot of woke altercations and changes from the original game.

I’ve gone over this countless times in the past already, however one staple of the Final Fantasy franchise, particularly the recent bastardizations is that they all retain modest ratings, where Final Fantasy titles are typically rated E for Everyone or T for Troon.

However Final Fantasy XVI aims to be the most violent, the most profane entry into the franchise, not that this is actually indicative of the game itself being good, quite the opposite is more than guaranteed given the nature of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the butchering of Tifa’s boobs.

Final Fantasy 16 has been hit with a M for Mature rating by the ESRB for reasons you probably wouldn’t believe.

The ESRB have given Final Fantasy XVI (16) a rating of Mature, with their summary of their guideline review highlighting just how far gone the western rating board has fallen.

Final Fantasy XVI will feature a gratuitous amount of gore, with the ESRB citing blood splatter, dismemberment and one instance of a guard having their throat slit, a character is impaled through the chest and the game features detailed dismemberment.

Profanity is featured as well, with the words of fuck and shit being audible according to the summary, and you just know that the ESRB censored these naughty words during their assessment.

Final Fantasy XVI will feature sexual content as well, with the games setting taking you to brothels, featuring references to prostitution, “a character straddling a man in bed” along with various forms of dialogue relating to the brothel including moaning.

Some characters are depicted with partially exposed cleavage as well, which in this day and age is apparently shameful, even though the rating may indicate that Final Fantasy might be changing for the better, I can pretty much guarantee that Square Enix will be pushing the agenda of troons and coons to the fullest extent.

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