Final Fantasy XVI Producer Hilariously Shilling for Sony PlayStation 5
11 January 2023

Sumimasen goyjin, buy a PS5 already kudasai.

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to go over the same spiel when it comes to Square Enix, because I don’t consider them to be a Japanese company anymore, more rather they are a JEWpanese company that if not for the Final Fantasy franchise among endless Pixel HD Demakes, would certainly have gone bankrupt.

Square Enix recently sold all of their western development studios alongside various IP’s such as the Tomb Raider and Deus Ex franchises, they sold all of this for bargain bin prices to the (((Embracer Group))), Square Enix is a company that has certainly fallen on hard times but are certainly more than deserving of their fate.

Square Enix is no longer a company that produces wholesome games, more rather they are in fact dependent upon the Final Fantasy franchise to keep their lights on, they’ve shown time…. and time and time again that they are a shadow of their former selves focused entirely of marketing Final Fantasy to a new audience, an audience of woke liberal faggot gaymers.

Final Fantasy is all they have left now, with their recent release of the woke-ful Final Fantasy VII “Remake” they’ve certainly captured their universal audience of faggots, but their desperation for maximizing profitability had become more obvious as time goes on.

Square Enix is desperate to maximize profits from Final Fantasy titles of late, especially with the development of the Final Fantasy VII Remake being done on the now standardized Unreal Engine, developmental costs have fallen by a considerable amount, almost as much as Tifa herself had her breast size reduced in fact.

However, Square Enix would cash in on Sony’s check to release these recent crop of Final Fantasy titles exclusively for the PlayStation ecosystem as a timed exclusive, essentially making a large chunk of change before the game even releases, of which the FF7 Remake spent well over a year as an exclusive title for the Sony PlayStation 4 and eventually the PS5 as Final Fantasy VII “Intergrade”.

Before eventually bringing the woke fest to the PC during the end of 2021, but not before Square Enix themselves sell themselves to the devil known as Epic Games, eventually releasing the title as a timed exclusive for the Epic Game Store.

At every opportunity it’s evident that Square Enix are more than desperate to increase profitability and decrease costs on their only cash cow franchise.

Why exactly is this important? Excluding the second addition of the remake of FF7 which is certainly going to go over the same horse shit of being a PlayStation exclusive rolled into an Epic Game Store exclusive, the sixteenth mainline installment is slated for release in June.

Which we already know is a timed PlayStation exclusive given the not so subtle hint during its reveal trailer.

Something even more hilarious is that for a “PS5 Showcase”, the trailer itself was captured from PC footage “emulating the PS5 experience”.

Despite being the most violent and grotesque installment rest assured it’ll continue the modern trends of Square Enix by containing inclusive faggotry.

The producer for Final Fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshida was recently apart of a livestream, a Final Fantasy 14 developer livestream apparently, that aside the topic came up during the livestream directed towards Naoki Yoshida regarding the eventual PC launch of the upcoming release of Final Fantasy 16.

Besides that, Naoki Yoshida goes on record during the livestream to have stated:

I don’t know, people are talking about a PC version, but no one has said anything about a PC version. Why are they making it sound as if the PC version will be out in six months? Just buy a PS5

It’s more than obvious at this point that the folks at Square Enix are gladly sucking off Sony who are by far the most anti-Japanese “Japanese” company in existence given the hilarious response regarding the PC port from Yoshida himself.

If you want to play Fag Fantasy, just buy a PlayStation, the home of Soy(ny). Outright deny the existence of the PC port to benefit the partnership between Square Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Thankfully even the most demented modern Final Fantasy consumers aren’t buying into this rubbish, even on Reddit can you see the actual disgust from soy-filled consoomers.

Many Predditors are outright mocking the situation entirely, joking about the eventual Epic Game Store exclusivity following Sony’s turn, how other console platforms will never actually have Final Fantasy released on their systems, referencing other clusterfucks such as the notorious Diablo Immortals announcement.

Much like Blizzard Entertainment did in the past, Naoki Yoshida and the rest of Square Enix are outright mocking their fanbase with tiresome exclusivity contract after contract, denying the existence of an EGS PC release to validate the existence of a $600 dying medium.

Square Enix is a dying company, propped up entirely by the Final Fantasy franchise, Square Enix are now blatantly spitting into the face of the faggotized fans of these modern rehashes.

Need I even remind you that it was infact Square Enix who set the new staple of $70 AAA game releases? If not for these desperate measures alongside rolling Sony exclusivities into Epic Game Store exclusivities on PC I would hedge my bets on Square simply collapsing as a result.

I pray that Final Fantasy XVI flops so fucking hard, but given how desperate Square Enix seem to be at this moment, I don’t know exactly how much money they are being paid by either Sony or Epic Games but I can assess that the consecutive total of both exclusivity contracts together would certainly recoup majority of the costs of actual game development, individual sales is simply a bonus at this point.

Even if current Final Fantasy fans outright boycotted the game, I am almost certain that Square Enix would still come out on top from a financial standpoint.

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