Factorio Developer Slams SJWs and Cancel Culture – Game Popularity Surges as a Result
25 June 2021
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This is exactly what real gamers actually want to see, not more faggotized trash shoveled in by the bigger game developers or small little indie studios often enough filled with the rejects of such bigger companies but more rather we love to see true and honest developers fight back against the bullshit that SJW faggots and their “Cancel Culture” mob mentality and refuse to bend the knee to such people.

Sadly a recent victim of a relentless mob seeking to “cancel” was Scott Cawthon who you may know as the creator of the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. After receiving harsh criticism over political donations sent Cawthon to the likes of Mitch McConnel and obviously, the main issue being Donald J Trump, Scott has been effectively booted from his own franchise as he announced that he has retired however leaving the future of the franchise into the hands of somebody else who hopefully won’t have their political donations discovered, or at the very least they won’t be towards the bad orange man.

Cawthon may have been chased out of his own game franchise by a relentless mob of liberal faggots, thankfully the same cannot be said in regards to Factorio and its main developer Michal “Kovarex” Kovarik.

Kovarex has seemingly been under attack by the leftwing lunatics sparked from the Factorio subreddit in a post where Reddit faggots got a bit upset over Kovarex recommending a video by Uncle Bob, who apparently according to the fine soycialists of Reddit, Uncle Bob is a rather “controversial figure” who is accused of being a bigot.

The real fun began however as Kovarex responded to the individual in question complaining about Kovarex promoting such a problematic person as Uncle Bob with the simple comment of

“Take the cancel culture mentaility and shove it up your ass.”

A comment like this left the obviously “fluid” moderators running around like headless chickens as the comment made by Kovarex was obviously against the subreddit rules where everyone must be kind to others and all get along in a nice big circlejerk but given that Kovarex is actually one of the main figures of Factorio, the creator nonetheless the autistic moderators decided to purge his comment anyhow.

But before any of that could actually happen a plethora of responses to Kovarex’s comment flooded in to remind him just how much of a bad person Uncle Bob actually is before expressing their dismay towards Kovarex’s strong statement.

In response to Linaori’s reply Kovarex doubled down with:

I won’t even search him up. You know why? Because I don’t care at all. I don’t care if he cheats on his wife, is a bigot, or pays proper tips in restaurant. These things are simply not relevant.”

If Stalin had a good writeup on programming, would linking that be dangerous, because some people might read it, start liking HIM, thus start liking communism and the inevitable [sic] mass murder that follows it? Is this how little we trust other individuals when it comes to access to information?

“I personally trust my readers to have the ability to create their own opinions instead of blindly following whatever says the person they like.”

With the mention of Stalin, it was fairly obvious exactly the kind of demographic Kovarex was talking about here because Reddit is plagued by and subreddits are all moderated by progressive left faggots of all flavors. Talking shit about communism and Stalin for that matter is a surefire way to instigate and upset the special snowflakes of Reddit.

And it wasn’t long before the cancel culture mob then took to Twitter to increase the size of the herd to hopefully enact a repeat of what happened to Scott Cawthon regarding FNAF just a few short weeks ago.

With rather length sperg posts from the likes of Cigsender and HyperCadence expressing their raging faggotry regarding their newfound hatred of Kovarex and Factorio for that matter, with FaggotCadence thinking removing the game from their Steam library would certainly make Kovarex come to his senses and quit Factorio for good.

And of course the Twitter mob of transvestites and faggots went to using the same old tactics accusing Kovarex of fudge packerphobia, transphobia and quite possibly being a nazi.

Though the truth is often overlooked with the official Factorio Twitter account thanking these faggots and trannies for their free publicity for the Factorio game. Have these degenerates ever heard of the Streisand effect?

Because right after the whole controversy regarding Kovarex and his immediate cancelation by an army of Twitter degenerates despite all their best efforts to thwart future sales of Factorio by bitching on the games own Steam forums by referring back to just how much of an evil bigot Kovarex actually is.

Instead the opposite happened because actual gamers, and not fruity faggots actually play video games and stand by developers and individuals who simply will not bend the knee on a whim to faggotry and censorship.

As a result of this “controversy” Factorio actually saw a dramatic surge in positive reviews on Steam with a surge of roughly 3232 positive reviews sparking from the date of the incident across just five days.

An average of over 646 positive reviews per day in comparison to the laughable figures of negative reviews within that timeframe. It’s clear as day to see that actual gamers have heard Kovarex loud and clear and are certainly showing their support, most certainly with a massive influx of Factorio sales as a result of this controversy.

Why exactly? Because on its lonesome Factorio is just a fantastic game. Which honestly you should consider purchasing to support Kovarex in his time of need or at the very least consider pirating the game and giving Factorio a go for yourself.
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