EVGA Charging Customers Disgusting Security Deposit Prices for “Advance RMA” Requests for Bricked GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs – New RTX 3090 FTW3 BIOS Coming Soon
8 August 2021
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No matter how much Jayztwoshekels may try to suck EVGA’s cock there’s no denying that the company is nothing short of a fucking disgrace at the moment when it became known that their RTX 3090 GPU’s were kneeling over dead attempting to run Amazon Games’ “New World” MMORPG.

As much as I’d love to say that the reasoning behind why primarily EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards were rendered $3000+ paperweights but really the reason is simply because EVGA produced absolute garbage.

EVGA finds themselves under fire once again by gouging customers who’ve already bought their beloved EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics card bad sadly something went wrong… or they tried to play a video game (h0w dare they) and the card unfortunately died.

In light of their massive fuckup with EVGA GA102 graphics cards dying left and right EVGA decided to damage control the situation by offering what they called “Advanced RMA” services for customers affected by New Worlds blowing their shit up.

Igor Wallossek of Igor’s Lab who is quite probably (apart from myself) the only other face one can trust (for the time being) when it comes to technology, unfortunately for EVGA and top shills such as Jayztwocents Igor went through this advance RMA process and wrote about his experience and let me be frank it wasn’t the most positive of experiences that’s for damn sure.

Because you see if you try and lodge an advance RMA claim, EVGA demands a deposit or more rather a ransom… in the case with Igor it was a staggering 1728 EURO security deposit just for an expressed RMA process of an RTX 3080, not even an RTX 3090 or 3080 Ti mind you.

Igor went on about regarding prices of RTX 3080’s listed by EVGA on their own webstore, how he had initially bought the card for just under 1000 EUR and by having to fork over a jaw dropping 1728 EUR at the drop of a hat just as a precautionary measure for expressed RMA? That’s bullshit. Not only does one have to go through the tedious process of filing the claim after having their new pride and joy ruthlessly murdered because EVGA simply made a shit product, but rather they’re having to fork over 185% of the current listed value of their graphics card as a security deposit.

I completely understand the reasoning behind it, if you’re one of those dipshits who buys EVGA hardware then certainly you’re going to have a wallet as expendable as your head is hollow. I’ve encountered a couple people who’ve simply just bought another EVGA graphics card after their first one just ups and dies. EVGA customers are truly a unique species.

EVGA advertises its advance RMA as being a quick counteraction to increasing online criticism only to double track with insane security deposit requirements where I’m sure plenty of individuals simply cannot afford to pay, even if the money comes straight back. EVGA are pretty much doing what they’re known to do and that is to thin the herd of its cheaper “peasant” customers by alienating them forcing them to go through the long and tedious wait with a standard RMA or simply offer a “premium” RMA service for individuals who don’t mind giving EVGA a temporarily loan of nearly 2,000 euro.

Because seriously, with deposits costing nearly double what the card is worth there’s only one kind of sucker who can afford that shit.

At least for those EVGA customers who haven’t had their graphics card up and explode there’s a takeaway that EVGA are already prepping to role out BIOS updates according to EVGA PM, Jacob Freeman. The BIOS update intends to not be as useless as their 500W BIOS in an attempt to stop more graphics cards from dying.


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