Estrogenic Arts Admits That Battlefield 2042 Flopped HARD – Damage Control Ensues
18 February 2022
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EA Games or Estrogenic Arts as I like to call them have once again showcased their extreme disconnect from reality as they’ve outright ignored consumer reception as they tried and failed to push bullshit gimmicks and woke propaganda inside their latest release, Battlefield 2042 which after mere months from launch is effectively already dead in terms of player counts.

EA will often host an internal meeting dubbed “Town Halll” meetings, once a quarter where the kike executives effectively will gloss over past recent and future projects among EA’s various studios.

And it’s during their most recent meeting EA bigwigs such as their Chief Studios Officer, Laura Miele expressed dismay regarding the general launch expectations of Battlefield 2042 citing that EA DICE have “missed” EA’s own expectations of Battlefield 2042 as Laura Miele glosses over the hilarious reasons as to why EA believe Battlefield 2042 was a catastrophic failure in their eyes.

One of the key factors as to why EA believe that Battlefield 2042 failed to meet the expectations of players and company executives alike was not for EA DICE effectively abandoning what makes a Battlefield game by annexing the class system in favor of the cancerous trends set by the likes of Apex Lesbians, Black Ops 4 and Overwatch with those games featuring a variety of “hero” or “specialists” characters to choose from.

No, it wasn’t because of that and how EA thought it would be such a great way to generate additional income from the Online only experience of Battlefield 2042 as the game would undoubtedly go the direction of Apex and Fortnite with seasonal pass content where gaymers can pay their way into unlocking new and “unique” skins, characters and other bullshit…. much like this luxurious beanie.

Laura Miele cites one of the reasons behind the failure of BF 2042 was due to vast changes made to the existing Frostbite engine that needed to be made during the middle of development in order to fulfill fantasies planned by EA DICE., with Miele saying that the updates to the Frostbite engine was…

“All new tech, it was basically a new engine. The Frostbite version they were on was so old they had to go back and update. So it was basically putting the game on a new engine.”

Basically you’re telling me that Battlefield 2042 is basically shit because you’ve basically had to make major changes to the engine halfway through development, basically?
100,000 to 2,600 in just a few short months.

Another major excuse made by EA’s management as to being a contributing factor behind BF 2042 barely scraping 2,500 concurrent players on Steam is once again on the Coronavirus because sure enough a “work at home environment” during game development would possibly lead to delayed production and inferior quality all around.

However of course one cannot simply blame the gullible slaves and diversity hires at EA DICE for actively pushing for the woke trendsetting features that are prominent in Battlefield 2042.

The delusions of EA executives know no bounds with Miele stating that during the Battlefield 2042 Beta, EA had received a lot of feedback concerning bugs and general broken fuckery, however the disconnect between EA and its consumer base comes from Miele stating that there was positive feedback from players.

“Players saying this feels like Battlefield, Battlefield is back, this is my Battlefield, so we had to embolden the team,”

Nobody talks like this, nobody has ever uttered the term “This is my Battlefield” or “This feels like Battlefield” ever, if anything the general reception from the open Beta was the opposite with consoomers up in arms suggesting that the direction that Battlefield 2042 has taken merely looked, played and resembled that of Call of Duty and Apex Lesbians.

Such an obvious disconnect has one questioning whether or not EA DICE actually held playtest focus groups of Battlefield 2042 from individuals that weren’t actually employed at the Swedistan studio. I honestly doubt they even held actual playtests at all during development considering the vast and rapid decline the series has taken from the release of Genderfield V.

However the main contributing reason behind the absolute failure of Battlefield 2042 according to EA just so happens to be 343 Industries and Master Chief.

Halo Infinite is a fucking horrible faggotry woke gayme, but at least the folks over at Microsoft know that even turds need actual polish and sparkles for consoomers to eat it up, and they’ve played it perfectly smart to in the guise of destroying the industry with cancerous business practices.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is pure utter garbage, but it’s free to play. Even the single player experience is just atrocious and while it still lacks co-op functionality it doesn’t matter to the soyim, because Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is merely used as a platform for 343 and Microsoft to peddle additives such as microtransactions, cosmetics and seasonal pass content onto its retarded playerbase, much like what EA is currently doing with Battlefield minus the initial $60 investment.

And unlike EA, Microsoft are actually printing money through such deceptive kikery with Gaylo Infinite and that’s a fucking tragic thing to mention.

Miele was rather adamant to point out that the comparison between Battlefield 2042, an online only experience that had been in development for a multitude of years was not favorable in comparison to Halo Infinite and their Fee to Play online multiplayer as Halo Infinite’s MP launch was very polished unlike BF 2042 which suffers from a multitude of bugs following multiple day one updates.

Horrible netcode has been a standard issue with Battlefield however now that DICE has doubled the player count general netcode woes have seemingly multiplied combined with the cancerous soycialist cast of characters to choose from the overall pacing has been quickened as a result where you can now seemingly outrun sustained enemy fire.

EA DICE have abandoned what actually makes a Battlefield game following trends set by others, they had managed to be too ambitious by increasing total player count from the long staple of 64 to a total of 128 resulting in the rest of the game, maps included being vague and void of actual quality whatsoever. Physics and destruction has also seemingly been downgraded from previous installments.

Battlefield 2042 has been in development for countless years, EA expected you to jump on the woke bandwagon of hero shooting trash by paying full retail pricing for an empty shell of a game with missing features as mundane as scoreboards and VOIP and apparently Halo Infinite is to blame for that.

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