Epic Games to Shut Down Fortnite in China Shortly After They Ban Effeminate Men
2 November 2021
CCP China Epic Games Fortnite gay Gayming

Based Chinks.

No seriously, can you think of any other reason why Epic Games would kneel down to Chairman Mao, shutting down its Chinese exclusive Fortnite services other than the fact that the Chinese government are cracking down on (effeminate) or rather GAY depictions of men.

Epic Gaymes may as well be considered a shell company of Chinese conglomerate, Tencent and yet unfortunately Epic had to announce that Fortnite in China would be shutting down.

To Fortnite China players:

Fortnite China’s Beta test will be ending, and the servers will be closed soon. For details, please see below:

On Monday, November 1 at 11 am, we will close the new user registration entrance and game download portal;

On Monday, November 15 at 11 am, we will turn off servers for Fortnite, and players will no longer be able to connect to the game through the WeGame client.

Thank you to all the Fortnite China players who have ridden the Battle Bus with us by participating in the Beta.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the servers closing, please click here to send us feedback.

New users from today forward will not be accepted, with all remaining players able to play their faggotized battle royal shooter until the due date of November 15th where unfortunately they may have to go back to infesting PUBG.

The exporter of the world’s most dangerous hoax has recently put a stronghold against gay faggots by banning men who aren’t masculine on television, so thankfully no more soy-boy faggots. This seems to be spreading out into China’s bizarre video game industry where “dirty capitalist Laowai” seemingly must collaborate with the Chinese government in pursuit of their Shekels.

Epic Games like all others who’ve shackled up with the Chinese made a Chinese specific version of Fortnite with various gameplay and monetization changes, with the most major change being rather than a soul survivor actually winning a round in Fortnite, after twenty minutes all players alive will win, and after three hours of gameplay you’ll get an inconspicuous message citing that EXP has been reduced by half and that the dirty chinks should go out and be apart of the Chinese cog of communism by arranging their studies instead.

I’ve yet to see a Black Lives Matter or Gay Pride event probably because dirty Chinks wouldn’t want anything to do with all the gay / nigger propaganda that Epic Gaymes spews upon the west in-game.

It’s actually quite hysterical how a communist shithole like China actually cares more about the children than western nations who seemingly promote vile degeneracy and faggotry in schools, whilst also importing subhuman refugees who seemingly do nothing aside from molestation.

And if we’re being honest, less Fortnite in any shape or form is a good thing.

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