Epic Games is Getting Gay With Kids – Fortnite “Rainbow Royale” LGBT Celebration
22 July 2021
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Because apparently Fortnite wasn’t gay enough as it is.

Video games and degeneracy in the form of faggotized propaganda do not mix. But because of the sheer popularity of video games it’s not surprising that cancerous developers and or publishers have been pushing a more diverse agenda within their games.

Especially in the form of Epic Games’ Fortnite which is a piece of shit free-to-play game that’s extremely popular with the younger demographic and if kids playing Fortnite are anything alike kids in public schools then they should be easy pray to gay propaganda indoctrination.

And that’s what we have here with the Fortnite “Rainbow Royale” celebrations which aims to indoctrinate your children by infecting their game with exclusive free items to support the LGBT community.

Fortnite gaymers can hop over to the item shop to find a verity of different gay propaganda disguised as in-game items such as four unique Rainbow Royale sprays dubbed “Vibrant Heart, Vibrant Llama, Vibrant Boogie, and Vibrant Star”.

The “Sunshine and Rainbows” weapon wrap if of course you wish to promote your degeneracy onto others with a pride flag weapon skin, and the “Take a’bow” emote.

But of course all items featured above are colored in the nonsensical LGBT flag now featuring additional support for faggots of color and most especially tranny faggots.

Pride month may be over but that doesn’t mean corporations would ever slow down funneling propaganda down the throats of their playerbase in hopes to attract higher sales for their V-Bucks curtesy of the very faggots they wish to put on a pedestal via this “act of virtue”.

Though the Rainbow Royale doesn’t just end with gay in-game sprays and weapon skins but also considering how Epic Games now owns Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League they’ve also decided to add some of the cancerous music that Rocket League has used to celebrate pride month with certain tracks being borrowed from Love Izlv Radio that are hopefully orchestrated by only the most mentally malnourished “artists”.

Specific tracks heading their way over to Fornite include:

  • Big Freedia – Platinum

  • Lil Nas X – Montero

  • King Princess – Pain

  • Troye Sivan – STUD

  • Ben Platt – Imagine

  • Daya – Bad Girl

  • Hayley Kiyoko – Found My Friends

  • Kim Petras – Malibu

Thankfully this “Rainbow Royale” event will only last the duration of a single week spanning from July 20th through to July 27th 8pm ET. And one can only hope that Fortnite player counts will drop significantly during that time.

But in the meantime Epic Games is more than happy to bleed money with exclusive non-sense and giveaways but now they’re pushing the limits by getting gay with kids….. to spread the word and bring you cheer!

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