EOL Platform Woes – ASUS and MSI Reveal Intel Z590 Motherboard Pricing – Unsurprisingly Expensive with Average Price Hike of 30% Compared to Z490
16 January 2021
ASUS COMET LAKE core i3 i5 i7 i9 Intel MOTHERBOARD MSI PRICING Rocket Lake SKYLAKE Z490 Z590

A socket change a year keeps the goyim in fear.

We all know that LGA 1200 is a dying platform, with Alder Lake scheduled to release not even 12 months after Rocket Lake leaving the LGA 1200 platform abandoned with nothing to show for it aside from desperation and garbage.

400-series chipsets from Intel came at an increased cost compared to LGA 1151 (v2) 300-series motherboard primarily down to being an entirely new socket among the inefficient garbage Skylake that Intel stretched out to 10-cores drawing much more current than previous generations requiring an increase in VRM phases and better components, increasing the price tag of such motherboards.

However going by ASSUS and MSI’s press release of Z590 motherboards, on a socket that’ll be dead in ten months time it appears that the prices have increased further, at least for the exotic high end motherboards that is.

MSI and ASUS are generally among the first to give out a press release regarding their motherboard prices for a given platform and for Z590 the highest price you can expect to pay has increased significantly.

Starting with MSI who has been in a lot of hot water in recent times regarding absolutely horrid products ranging from motherboards to graphics cards, among price gouging allegations regarding RTX 3000 series GPUs.

Unveiled during a “Tech for the Future” event, MSI’s main flagship being the GODLIKE board will be available from €999 EUR or $1019 USD. Compared to the Z490 GODLIKE which was retailed for $749.99 by comparison.

That is an increase of 35.86 %.

But that’s just the flagship however, typical overpriced trash boards such as the GODLIKE among others such as the ASUS Crosshair or MAXIMUS in the case of Intel platforms. If we judge it a bit more fairly such as the more “mainstream” oriented motherboards more around the middle of the board in terms of pricing.

Comparing the MSI Z590 ACE which is listed for $489 USD, the Z490 equivalent retailed for $399. An increase of 22.5 %

The Z590 UNIFY and Z590I (Mini-ITX) are listed for $389 and $329 respectively but are increased by 30.1% and 22.3% respectively as the Z490 equivalents retailed for just $269 and $299 each.

Moving onto the lowest priced motherboard available, the Z590-A Pro which has an MSRP of $189 which compared to the Z490-A Pro shows a markup of 18.86 % from the previous generation’s chipset retailing for just $159.

Now for all that I’ve missed, the Gaming Plus had its prices increased by 56.21%. Quite possibly the biggest markup I’ve ever fucking seen in my entire life.

The Z590 Gaming Edge WiFi is increased by 42.71%, however the Gaming Carbon WiFi only increased by 20.44% which is the lowest markup from MSI.

However boards I cannot judge are the Z590 Pro WiFi as a previous equivalent doesn’t exist and the Torpedo which is a brand new product made available for the 500-series.

The Z590 Tomahawk WiFi however, as the previous Z490 Tomahawk didn’t actually come with WiFi. A typical addon like that would generally charges around $20 extra just like the Z590-A Pro, however as the price stands for the Tomahawk WiFi it shows an out-fucking-ragous increase of 79.36%


This is entirely bullshit honestly, but much like how ASSUS have done so recently increasing the price of their motherboards and graphics cards MSI will also blame it on external factors like COVID and component pricing, when in reality these companies just want your fucking money.

Speaking of ASSUS, they too released pricing for their upcoming Z590 motherboards as well and they too are marked up to the extreme.

However only from its German branch which dictates prices in Euro while already including Grabblerrope’s VAT (value-added tax)

However we can simply convert EURO to a more reliable currency such as USD while removing the 19% VAT of Germany giving us the closest representation of a proper dollar MSRP.

Starting off at the very top we have the ROG MAXIMUS XIII EXTREME GLACIAL which features an entire monoblock, which when converted shows us a pricetag of $1483 USD. There’s no direct descendant of such a motherboard from ASUS directly however ASRock released similar boards in a limited run called the “AQUA” which retailed for $1099 by comparison for the Z490 chipset.

Nearly $1500 for a motherboard on a dying platform with no upgrade paths whatsoever? If anyone buys such a piece of shit they deserve the fate that awaits them in ten month’s time.

Moving things down to the base Maximus 13 Extreme which converted shows an MSRP of $939 which suites the theme of being a 20-30 percent hike at 25.36% above the Maximus 12 Extreme.

The Maximus 13 Hero and Apex come in at the same price of $494 USD when converted. Compared to the previous Z490 boards of 17.89% for the Apex and 23.8% for the Hero.

Starting to sense a pattern here?


Since there are an abundance of garbage ROG Strix boards and I honestly can’t be fucked comparing four boards because of some minor IO changes or something stupid around the sort so I’m only comparing the Strix Z590-E and Z590-I as both retain the same price of $369 USD.

Comparing against their Z490 equivalents both the Strix-E and Strix-I end up being 23.41% more expensive with this new Z590 chipset.

I know of a lot of people who’ve ended up buying an ASSUS Prime motherboard at one point in time because there’s just nothing greater than buying low prices trash from a premium brand.

The Z590 Prime-A and Prime-P motherboards come priced at $270 and $196  when converted much like every other goddamn board on on here today they end up being marked up by 17.9% and 23.27% respectively.

Wrapping things off we have the ASUS TUF Gaming PLUS with WiFi, back on Z490 this board would set you back just $199 or $179 if you didn’t opt for the WiFi variant, whereas now the Z590 TUF Gaming PLUS costs $246 when converted which is an increase of 23.61%.


Judging ASUS’ price hikes from the MSRP and retail prices going from Z490 to the new Z590 platform shows an average price increase of 22.17% overall.

While MSI have gone absolutely fucking mental across their entire product stack resulting in an overall increase in retail price of 36.48%.

Combined together the average price increase with these Z590 motherboards when compared comes to an effective total of 30.22%


This is just an outrage, they can blame a fake fucking virus for all eternity and it still wouldn’t matter. Component costs and tariffs? I ain’t some dumb fucking goy, I see right through the bullshit that lays in front of us right now.

Intel have downgraded their 10-core prolapsed anus of a stretched Skylake ringbus down to the aforementioned 8-core Rocket Lake and yet I’m seeing motherboards offering more phases yet again on their VRMs compared to the previous generation which required some beefy componentry.

Is this a testament to how inefficient the likes of a 11900K with its 250W PL2 state will probably be? Considering it’s just an eight core processor with a new core arch backported onto the heinous 14nm node power consumption will certainly be one to watch out for, Intel processors guzzle current like it’s going out of style.

I’m actually scared that the power drawn and the heat that Rocket Lake produces would actually be comparable to an actual rocket.

Intel also announced that they intend to replace Rocket Lake by the years end during the second half of this year anyway, what point does anyone have buying this garbage stopgap generation on a socket and platform that’s effectively End-of-Life within just a few short months as Alder Lake is intended to arrive with the new LGA 1700 socket.

There’s no longevity to be found with Z590 and Rocket Lake processors. However at least Intel had the “decency” to allow pre-orders of these garbage motherboards months in advance before you can even get your paper launched processors with most of the boards above being made available to purchase at the start of next month.

Rocket Lake is backwards compatible for the most part with existing 400-series motherboards that AREN’T made utilizing a chipset built on the 22nm process. So at least your Z490 motherboard is safe, and you get PCIe Gen 4.0 on select boards………. or do you?

Because you see the likes of ASRock, Gigabyte and ASUS themselves advertised and sold Z490 motherboards that were PCIe Gen 4.0 “ready” however existing Comet Lake processors didn’t actually support it whatsoever, it’s like some sort of Chinese bootleg shit going on here.

The boards were marketed as being for the future, just drop in a next generation CPU and off with the races, however that isn’t the case with these falsely advertised boards as even with Rocket Lake processors being inserted into such “qualified” motherboards it doesn’t actually meet PCIe Gen 4.0 standards.

Not even Z590 motherboards actually meet the standard either.

But congratulations to Intel for implementing features one and a half years after AMD have done so.

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