(((Elon Musk))) Once Again Showcases His True Colors
16 October 2022
Elon Musk

Billionaires are your friend, the world’s richest people in the world are Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Elon Musk, not the Rothchild’s!

Out of all these disgusting Jewish billionaires one thing that has confused me is the worldwide admiration of Elon Musk who is a transhumanist and is quite obviously the world’s most smartest retard, the world’s greatest conman.

A (((parasite))).

The “Hyperloop” was a tremendous scam, Elon himself admitting it was entirely bullshit just so California wouldn’t have decent public transportation to further validate for its inhabitants into buying a Tesla.

Elon Musk is a humanitarian, which is why his South African family found its wealth through the exploitation of niggers and children in mines, the man is admired by faggots all over the world, because he posts funny memes on Twitter which makes him relatable.

He has established many great empires…. through unsolicited government grants paid for by the American taxpayer but I digress, he has given us PayPal and he has given us sustainable electric vehicles that are built like utter shit and catch fire a lot.

The man is entirely responsible for the rise and eventual fall of Dogecoin, a utterly worthless shitcoin with an unlimited supply where millions are minted every single day, Elon himself propped up the coin from a low price of less than a cent to a all time high of 70c right before his appearance on Saturday Night Live proving that cryptocurrency is nothing more than a pump and dump scheme, and Elon made billions doing that.

Elon Musk is a shill for the World Economic Forum, and despite all that he’s adored by “normies” those of the “far-right”.


Just like Donald Trump, Elon Musk has the habit of saying the “right things”, calling out some conspiracies so retards think he’s based, Elon Musk is the savior of us all.

The man is given billions of dollars in government subsidies each and every year but he doesn’t want to pay his fair share taxes.

However Elon Musk has gone above and beyond just being a sleazy hack, with the billionaire suggesting that Taiwan be handed to the Communist Party of China, obviously this was met with appraisal from the CCP and demonization from Taiwanese officials, but what do you believe the Chinese did for Elon following his statement?

That’s right. Tesla automobiles are finally returning to the Chinese market, now with tax exemptions for Elon himself, such a kind man who truly cares, truly making a difference. In no way shape or form did Elon ever take an stance against Taiwan to protect his bottom line, you’d have to be crazy to believe that.

Now while Elon Musk may have a Jewish conscious he is an enigma simply because his face is indeed rather chinky, which is made all the more obvious when you realize that all Elon impersonators are Chinese.

Behind closed doors Elon threatens employees that criticize him, because he has a fragile ego, Elon Musk acts like one of those autistic people who hates being told that he’s wrong. It’s common for him to throw bitch fits over anything and everything.

Wasting billions of dollars on ridiculous horse shit such as “The Boring Company” and Starlink. Starlink is not feasible, it will never become profitable.

Starlink is closer to the Earth, so they have a far smaller range, which requires more satellites, mathematically it doesn’t make sense money wise.

Meanwhile we’ve been dealing with bullshit regarding the “war” between Russia and Ukraine, where Bolshevik Russian Jews are fighting Zionist Amerifat Jews for “world control” as both sides call the other a Nazi while killing white people.

Since the very beginning of the “Russian invasion”, funded by the US Government, Musk deployed Starlink over Khazaria, probably so they could communicate secretly as the Zionist puppets of Weimerica looks to defend its friends in counterfeiting.

Look at this fucking propaganda piece.

Elon Musk likes money as we probably all do, but Jewish coin clipping has shaped our society into meaningless paper bills and plastic notes, and it’s with Starlink and the conflict between the kikes over in Eastern Europe that Elon Musk shows his honorary Jewishness.

A day following this Twitter exchange, Elon’s fragile ego kicked in once again, as the Billionaire mogul then pitched to the US Government that he could not possibly afford to maintain Starlink over Ukraine.

SpaceX had been given kickbacks by the US government to deploy Starlink terminals to Ukraine, a total of 1,330 terminals were allegedly sent but apparently they haven’t actually deployed shit according to some ZOG bots who’ll eventually die for (((Ukraine)))

Meanwhile Elon spent a good amount of time virtue signaling over “free” deployment of Starlink above Ukraine while the US Government had paid for the initial best while the rest had been sourced through actual crowdfunding. Elon Musk claimed to have provided Ukraine the $4500 a month business tier package of Starlink despite how everyone has received and are paying for the $500 monthly package.

And now Elon has gone back to the US Government and demanded a second large sum of money to deploy Starlink above their Eastern Europe Jew Pigs.

The hilarious thing is I’m almost certain that Elon will get his requested funding, a Jew swindling US Jews to “protect” the sovereignty of Jews in Ukraine but this whole orchestrated event has lead to angry Ukrainian simps bastardizing the kike on social media which is most welcomed, because all Elon seems to achieve these days are pissing off radical leftists which adds to the misconception that the billionaire kike is “based”.

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