Early Adopters Beware – TEAMGROUP Elite DDR5-4800 CL40 32GB KIT on Sale at Amazon and Newegg (SOLD OUT)
29 June 2021
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Go on goyim, just buy it already. I know you want to be the first to have your DDR5 memory on hand just waiting for that luscious Intel Alder Lake processor.

Because now’s your chance to “lead the next generation” with pre-orders now being made live for TeamGroup’s rather pitiful and disappointing kit of DDR5-4800 memory which marks the first instance of DDR5 memory being listed on online retailers.

The memory kit itself is listed over on retailers such as Newegg and (((Amazon))). For the listed price of $310 USD this kit of TeamGroup Elite DDR5 memory comes with 32 GB in total from a 2 x 16GB configuration which is quite possibly the only good thing about DDR5 memory at this current stage as it offers higher memory density allowing for higher capacity DIMMs to the point where the current standard (2 x 8GB) configuration will be a distant memory.

DDR5’s initial hopes was to double the bandwidth compared to DDR4 memory with a baseline of 4800MHz DDR5 memory being among those initially produced much like how DDR4 first came out with speeds of 2133-2400MHz, only in due time will we eventually get DDR5 memory worth considering.

And of course another benefit of DDR5 memory is a lower IO Voltage resulting in better power efficiency from reduced power consumption.

Though I would seriously reconsider any remote thought about perhaps pre-purchasing some TeamGroup Elite DDR5 memory on the basis that it’s complete and utter fucking garbage. Generally memory modules without hand spreaders are looked down upon but aside from that you’re not getting any real value at $310 for this 32 GB kit as you could easily find yourself technologically superior DDR4 kits for $230 or less.

I’m talking 3600MHz CL16 here which is far from the best you could easily find within a budget of $310.

Marketing is more than happy to slap a frequency figure on such products and only when you gander down will you truly see the memory kit for all its worth…. nothing in the case of this TeamGroup Elite as it may be rated for 4800MHz @ 1.1V leaving potential overclocking headroom (perhaps) on the cards it comes with standard timings of CL-40-40-40-77 which is a fucking travesty.

This is not a memory kit suited for gamers, this is merely a kit suited for OEM machines that depend and rely upon the shittest bottom of the barrel memory kits imaginable.

But I guess if you’re retarded enough to consider the purchase of Intel’s 12th gen “Alder Lake” then you’re probably retarded enough to buy this piece of shit too because many people already have, it’s sold out from both Amazon and Newegg.

This is merely DDR4’s launch all over again and it doesn’t surprise me. It’s going to take a generation or two of CPU’s before we’re probably going to see some good and proper DDR5 memory kits reaching much higher speeds with proper latency to round them off.

Because DDR5-4800 with CL timings of 40-40-40-77 is no better than the initial crop of DDR4 kits made available to suit Intel’s Haswell-E processors back in 2014, and for example those memory kits came ranging from 2133-2666MHz with timings of CL-15.

Which at that point in time was a step down from the majority of DDR3 memory kits widely available the same will be said here with the introduction of first generation 4800MHz DDR5 memory.

For now and for the foreseeable future current generation DDR4 memory is vastly superior, the only reason you’d consider purchasing DDR5 at all this year and perhaps the next as well would be to assert yourself as being the gullible goyim Guinee pig that you are.

Anyone caught purchasing any of these horrid DDR5-4800 kits are early adopters who enjoy the masochistic pleasures of burning money and being slow.

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