Dungeons & Dragons Goes WOKE By Removing Racial Denominations
9 December 2022
Dungeons & Dragons Goblin Orcs woke

Monsters are people too.

Dungeons & Dragons, the quintessential tabletop RPG game for intellectuals, autists and nerds alike have decided to overhaul itself moving forward as D&D will now stand for Degenerates and Delusions upon the removal of race from Dungeons & Dragons.

That’s right, they are removing definitions of race in Dungeons & Dragons moving forward, with the initiative being called “One D&D” because of fucking course it is, it has been deemed that defining monsters and characters by race is “problematic”.

And it wouldn’t be allegedly “problematic” if media creators didn’t characterize monsters such as Orc and Goblins to not just physically resemble but emulate niggers and Filthy Chews being portrayed as disgusting grotesque monsters, with the likes of Activision removing the phrase of “greenskin” as players cannot differentiate between fictional orcs and real life black people.

This bullshit obviously falls under the pretext of innovating Dungeons and Dragons towards a “new age” of players, with “problematic” racial prejudice against monsters being removed making D&D the most inclusive it ever has been before.

With various monsters such as the Goliath being referred to as “peoples of the D&D multiverse” instead of individualized races in the newest playtest material for Dungeons and Dragons to combat “vile racism” of fictional fantasy races.

Something that wasn’t even the slightest of issues with players of D&D but I digress, the tabletop series as a whole has been becoming more and more progressive since the release of its fourth edition and shows no sign of stopping as they remove the terminology of character races.

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