Duel Princess Removed From Nintendo eShop Possibly Prohibited From Steam
29 January 2022
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Well shit, a game so raunchy that even Nintendo decided there was no other option but to completely shoa the game from its storefront, or maybe this is just the beginning of the end for Japanese video games entirely.

You know it’s actually quite sad how far the entire gaming industry has fallen, as Japanese developers are merely the only ones remaining that holds up an industry plagued with propaganda and faggotry in western nations, with Japanese corporations like Sony abandoning their homeland to California and what followed was years of neglect and the abuse of Japanese developers and customers.

We’ve come a long way over the last couple of decades, where now Nintendo, always highly regarded as being the most censor happy, the most family friendly of all three major console brands just so happens to be the only one that welcomes Japanese games with open arms without imposing censorship or other heinous acts.


Duel Princess is a rather…. “enticing” game to say the least, it having launched worldwide on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop without much of a hitch on January 13th, however just after two weeks since being released suspiciously out of nowhere Duel Princess had its eShop listings removed in both JP and other regions.

Duel Princess is a VERY raunchy game, not necessarily pornographic but to say that the fan service is overwhelming would be an understatement especially with the in-game “punishment” segments

The developers of Duel Princess, Qureate, quickly went to twitter following the removal of their game from Nintendo’s eShop confirming that the game officially had been pulled.

“For various reasons, the distribution of Duel Princess on the Nintendo Switch has been suspended. [Once distribution resumes, we will use this account to make an announcement.] If you’ve already purchased the game, you can download it now. If you have already purchased the game, you can re-download it. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our users.”

Reasoning behind the removal of Duel Princess from Nintendo’s eShop is unclear, considering it had been appropriately rated by official rating boards, though appropriate CERO / ESRB ratings are irrelevant when dealing with Vavle’s estrogenic policies against Japanese games while allowing an ungodly amount of western shovelware smut on its Steam Store.

Duel Princess has officially been rated for both Nintendo Switch and on PC with apparently the Steam submission for Duel Princess allegedly having an 18+ patch on offer as well.

Especially with Qureate’s Producer, Yujiro Usada having this to say in a now removed tweet before Duel Princess had actually released.

“I thought I was aiming for the edge, but it seems I was way over the point. I’m going to reflect on this from now on and try to make a solid game. That’s a lie. I will continue to make games that make you hard! LOL! In Japan, Duel Princess will be available in a few hours! Please play it, gentlemen!”

Fucking based.

And yet even now Duel Princess still hasn’t actually landed on the Steam store, as to why exactly Japanese developers such as Qureate continue to even try and launch their games on such cancerous store fronts that actively despise Japanese games? No idea, however another one of Qureate’s games managed to launch on Steam unscaved.

NinNinDays2 launched on steam just over a week ago without issue, though mentioning it now I’m sure by this time next week it’ll probably be banned from Steam.

However while Duel Princess’ PC release remains unclear and the future state of it on the Nintendo Switch is uncertain you’re more than happy to play the game yourself through means of emulation by downloading Duel Princess HERE.

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